Training - Breakfast Club Canada - Club des petits déjeuners


Through a series of workshops, Breakfast Club of Canada aims to inspire and support passionate breakfast club leaders that are working to nourish the bodies and minds of students in communities across Canada. During these fun, informative and interactive workshops, participants will have opportunities to learn and share best practices with other schools, build new skills, and discover innovative ways to enhance their breakfast club.

Breakfast Club of Canada workshops are developed by educators, registered dieticians, and subject matter experts. All of our workshops are led by qualified Breakfast Club of Canada trainers and can be adapted in order to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners.

Our workshops are:

fun, interactive and informative, available upon request, and adaptable to learners’ specific needs.

Building a Sustainable Foundation

This introductory workshop focuses on the fundamental pillars of building and running a successful, sustainable breakfast program. This includes program planning, models for preparing and serving food, techniques for creating a safe and supportive environment, budgeting, fundraising, program evaluation and more.


Customized to address participants’ needs, this nutrition workshop features a series of interactive presentations and resources to help you create meals that are nutritious, delicious and affordable. Topics covered include purchasing healthy food and beverages, reading food labels, preparing healthy baked items, planning a balanced menu, setting and managing a budget, providing culturally inclusive breakfast foods and following school nutrition guidelines. Workshops also include preparing food, testing new recipes and tasting new ideas for a healthy breakfast menu. Bon appétit!

Youth Engagement

In this workshop, we will discuss new ways to meaningfully engage students in the breakfast program and beyond. This includes discussions about how to recruit, manage and mentor young volunteers. We will also share creative ways of teaching new skills and encouraging youth to grow, cook and try healthy foods, with an emphasis on how their experience as a volunteer will be rewarding throughout their lives.

Student Wellness

This workshop presents strategies for creating a supportive social and physical environment that is conducive to students’ health and well-being. It sheds light on various tools that can be used to improve self-esteem, with examples of simple day-to-day interactions that will make your breakfast program warmer and more welcoming.


In this workshop, you will learn results-oriented methods for recruiting, retaining and managing volunteers. Also included are creative suggestions for volunteer roles and responsibilities and new ideas for letting them know they are valued members of the team. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their school’s experiences and share insights into what has worked for them.

Creating a Healthy School Community

This workshop emphasizes how schools, families and the entire school community have a role to play in students’ health and success, using the internationally recognized Comprehensive School Health Framework as a reference. Participants will learn how breakfast programs can contribute to developing a healthy school community.