Our Pledge - Breakfast Club of Canada


At the Breakfast Club of Canada, we have embraced a strategy that aims
to empower every child to realize their full potential.

Besides helping new breakfast programs open in various schools and communities across the country, the Club is instrumental in driving social change on a larger scale. We believe in the importance of providing access to healthy food for children and teenagers, and training youths and volunteers, which in turn fosters a broader sense of engagement at the community level.


Which is why we make sure students get a nutritious morning meal every day before school starts.

"Serving students a healthy, balanced breakfast helps them develop better social skills and makes them more inclined to learn."

- Isabelle Huot, PhD in nutrition

The Breakfast Makes Me Shine! program is about more than physical nourishment: it’s about building skills and self-confidence in volunteers and young participants.

We hone their ability
to be leaders
in their community

We inspire our children and youth

We engage the public


First Nations, Metis and Inuit

Backed by a team of expert providers of support to Aboriginal communities, the Club is able to offer solutions and tools to help FNMI youth grow, thrive and realize their full potential.


The Nutrition Committee, working closely with an experienced nutritionist, enables the Club to offer healthy food choices adapted to children’s realities.

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