Grant Application – Quebec

School Eligibility

The principle is simple. To channel our efforts as effectively as possibly, we do not focus on individual children. Instead, our selection process targets schools in underprivileged communities. Read on for more information.

Annual Deprivation Indexes for Schools

The school’s low-income cutoff (LICO) or socioeconomic index (SEI) must be rated between 8 and 10 by the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport (MELS). These ratings are available on the MELS website. Schools that score under this range but nevertheless wish to obtain support must provide data and documentation in their application cover letter to justify their request.

Download the deprivation indexes for each school board (in French).

Grant Applications

Please complete a grant application to give us a better idea of the realities and needs of your community for analysis purposes. If you are eligible, we will propose an appropriate form of support. Please forward your completed application form and the required documentation listed in the form to the attention of “New Clubs” by email or by fax (1-877-786-3220).

Please select the application form suited to your specific situation

Waiting Period

Several factors (financial, geographical, human resources, etc.) may influence how long it takes to set up a program once your application has been approved. We will send you an annual status report to keep you updated on the situation.


We will send you a survey to be distributed to the families in your school community to determine their interest in the Club’s services. We will provide you with the necessary instructions on how to administer and compile the survey results, when needed.

Additional Information – Financial Contributions from Parents

We ask parents who are not in a position to volunteer for this program offered to their children to make a token contribution equivalent to:


  • $0.30/meal for elementary school students ($45/year or $15/term)
  • $0.50/meal for high school students ($75/year or $25/term).