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Serving breakfast every day to the thousands of children who rely on us — that’s our raison d’être
here at Breakfast Club of Canada. To achieve this objective, we have put tools in place to make the
most of every donation we receive and ask our partners, employees and stakeholders to ensure that
a maximum of the funds raised on our behalf go directly to the youngsters who need them.

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Programs investment: food, equipment, training and school visits:                                          78.77%
  • Fundraising                               13.88%
  • Education and awarness          4.87%
  • Administration                           2.48%
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Where Our Funding
Comes From

  • 69.84% Fundraising campaigns and activities
  • 21.20% Donated goods and services
  • Parental contributions and other revenue             4.19%
  • 2.64% Unsolicited individual donations
  • 2.12% Government grants

Distribution of funds


Meet our Board
of Directors

Our charity registration number is 866073133 RR0001