lindsey, Justin and Geneviève in breakfast programs


Recently, two breakfast programs welcomed special visitors. At Maillard Middle School in Coquitlam, BC, professional athletes and BCC ambassadors Lindsey Butterworth and Justin Kent served up breakfast to students. In Montreal, QC, chef and entrepreneur Geneviève Everell had the chance to visit a new program at Evangeline School.


Be sure to read our blog article to discover what happened and see the videos of their visits!


Maillard Middle School

Maillard Middle School has been a part of Breakfast Club of Canada since 2013, and youth worker Lisa Haines has been running the program for the last five years.


Like other coordinators, Lisa has had to adjust her service during the pandemic, changing it from a drop-in, sit-down breakfast in the cafeteria to a grab & go–style program. The excellent quality of her breakfasts hasn’t changed, however. Her students’ favourites are the fresh vegetable sandwich, filled with hummus, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers and cheese, and the banana oat pancakes. Her secret is soaking the oats in milk overnight for a heartier texture, and the bananas are sweet enough that syrup is not needed at all. If there are any leftovers, students are welcome to grab a bag for a snack or for lunch.


Lindsey and Justin had a great time visiting Maillard Middle School and connecting with some of the breakfast program’s enthusiastic regulars.


As ambassadors, Lindsey and Justin want to contribute to fundraising and promoting BCC’s values to provide youth with healthy nutritional opportunities and education.


“I have a passion for health promotion and a keen interest in advocating healthy behaviour through proper nutrition in youth. Learning about food security in my undergraduate degree and volunteering with the breakfast program at my local community centre really instilled the importance of access to a healthy breakfast in me. I want to continue to promote and increase accessibility to breakfast programs across the country with Breakfast Club of Canada.” Lindsey Butterworth


“I believe in the importance of equal opportunity for youth to have access to proper nutrition. Growing up in Surrey, British Columbia, an inner-city school system, I witnessed the positive impact of a breakfast program. I hope I can make a difference so that youth are properly fuelled to achieve their goals. No one should chase their dreams on an empty stomach.” Justin Kent


Watch this video to find out their reason for teaming up with us and why they believe in school breakfast programs.

Évangeline School

Located in the north end of Montreal, Évangeline School is home to over 800 senior high school students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. In addition to mainstream classes, the school also offers specialized and vocational preparation programs for students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Starting in fall 2021, Samia Abbassa, a school staff member and the breakfast program site coordinator, has been there every morning to greet students from the regular program who begin to pour in at 7:30 a.m. She sets up in the cafeteria and serves breakfast to anyone who wants it. While she is catering to them, she is also preparing bins for the students in the ASD classes, who prefer to have breakfast in their own classroom, where any sensory issues are easier to cope with.


Every morning, a student from each of the ASD classes is tasked with picking up the breakfast food bin and later returning any leftovers to Samia, along with the reusable utensils to be washed. This kind of involvement in the breakfast program can represent a big step in developing students’ sense of responsibility. The benefits of the breakfast program are therefore twofold: it is an excellent source of nutrition and a solution for working through unique challenges.

Geneviève Everell in a breakfast program

BCC ambassador Geneviève Everell recently went to visit students at Évangeline School, where she rolled up her sleeves to serve up a delicious breakfast to the teens.


Entrepreneur, author, franchisor, speaker and former BCC enrollee Geneviève Everell is the wiz behind Sushi à la maison. Hers is a truly remarkable story. The breakfast program she attended at elementary school helped mitigate the food insecurity she experienced at home.


“Your organization made such a huge difference in my life. I never thought one day I’d be able to say THANK YOU!” Geneviève Everell 


Watch the video here (in French only).

Children at the table


In June 2018, the ministère de la Famille du Québec asked Breakfast Club of Canada to take on a special task: setting up a pilot project to bring breakfast programs to young children.


The three-year project involved 15 educational childcare facilities (early childcare centres (CPEs) and daycares) located in urban, rural and Indigenous communities. Together, the 15 selected centres serve over 400 children aged 5 and under.


Three years later, we are proud to report on the results of this unique and very meaningful project.

Children eating toast

A Big Win for Kids

In September 2021, we met with the team at the Chapeaux Ronds et Bottillons childcare centre to get their feedback and learn more about what a breakfast program has meant for their young charges.

With 108 babies, toddlers and preschoolers enrolled in the program, Chapeaux Ronds et Bottillons could not be more pleased.


“With the Club, we can offer a wide variety [of food]. The fruit we used to give in the morning has now been moved to lunch. So it didn’t just improve our breakfast selection, but also all the other food we provide in the centre,” said General Director Martine Desjardins.


Daphnée St-François, an experienced educator who works at the centre, added that breakfast is a heartwarming moment for her and her group. The children can take all the time they like to eat, and she says the experience has been a positive one in every respect.

Toddlers at the table

Less Rushed Mornings, Less Stressed Families

Staff aren’t the only ones to have noticed the benefits of a breakfast program. Audrey Jacob, whose daughter attends Chapeaux Ronds et Bottillons, has seen first-hand the impact on her and the whole family.

“The breakfast service offered at the centre really eases the parents’ burdens. […] We really feel that there’s a collaboration between the centre, the breakfast program and our own family routine. My daughter is always very excited to go to daycare, not only to see her friends and her educator, but also to share an enjoyable breakfast.”

Little girl eating breakfast

A Helping Hand that Makes all the Difference


“It was easy to utilize [the Club’s] 27 years of experience from primary and secondary schools [in educational childcare centres],” said Claudine Dessureault, National Senior Advisor, Purchasing and Inventory.


Claudine has been working on this project from the outset, providing support and guidance to centres in setting up their programs. Over the three-year span of the pilot project, she has also been able to better define the part BCC plays in the operation.

She explained that “[BCC’s role] is to work alongside the community, to advise on nutrition and to offer products suitable for children that also meet the quality standards of both childcare centres and Canada’s Food Guide.”

Getting a program of this nature off the ground has allowed BCC to broaden its reach to encompass the entire spectrum of childhood, from 0 to 18, and instil healthy eating habits early in life. It also ensures consistency in the services offered by BCC.


The success of the pilot project is excellent news. We are proud it will continue and hope to expand our services to even more children in this age group.


Be sure to watch the video of our visit to learn more about the pilot project and its positive repercussions.

Kids putting hands together on the table

Breakfast Club of Canada is looking to hire a Government Relations Advisor to contribute to the organization’s growth. Reporting to the Co-Founder & Government Relations Director, this person will help grow and expand BCC’s influence and impact in its dealings with the federal, provincial and territorial governments.


Breakfast Club of Canada promotes employment equity and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.


  • Analyze the broader context to identify relevant issues and factors, as well as the positions of various entities and interest groups to take into account in communications operations and put forward proposed courses of action.
  • Monitor political and government developments as well as select parliamentary initiatives.
  • Scan newswires and social media feeds.
  • Compile press clippings.
  • Draft various communications pieces (letters, press releases, newsletters, presentations, etc.).
  • Create social media content and manage online communities.
  • Contribute to government relations and public affairs strategies.
  • Arrange meetings with public office holders.
  • Draft meeting reports and document highlights in the database.
  • Carry out other tasks related to the position.


  • University degree in political science, communications, economics or a related field
  • Master’s degree, an asset.
  • Two to five years of relevant experience.
  • Complete fluency in written and spoken French and English.
  • Excellent French and English copywriting skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of the media and political landscape.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).


  • Adherence to Breakfast Club of Canada values.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Resourceful self-starter with an analytical mindset.
  • Excellent time management, prioritization and multitasking skills.
  • Highly organized and versatile.
  • Flexible and able to adapt to change.


  • Permanent, full-time position.
  • 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Personal leave days.
  • Paid leave on our birthday.
  • Group insurance plan.
  • Group RRSP with employer matching the contributions.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP).
  • Professional development.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • The selected candidate will be based at the head office in Boucherville, Quebec with a hybrid telework arrangement.
  • Target start date: as soon as possible.



Please email your résumé and cover letter to

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Children Drawing

Creating a future full of possibility, joy & discovery: this is the ambitious mission that guides the Youth+Us program set up by K+S Potash Canada (KSPC). Since last year, the company has partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada to reach a greater number of Saskatchewan communities, helping to provide the food and nutrition local children need to thrive and become tomorrow’s thinkers, innovators, and leaders.


Many studies report that one of the key factors in healthy child development is reliable access to food and nutrition to nurture physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It’s an idea that the KSPC team understands well, as Lauren Bartel – Communications Coordinator at KSPC – explains. “Unfortunately, this is a daily struggle for many families in our communities, and knowing this, we felt we could make a difference through dedicated partnerships with the right organizations, such as Breakfast Club of Canada.”


K+S Potash Canada is part of the K+S Group, a German-based company that has been mining and processing potash and salt for over 125 years. KSPC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of mineral products, which are used in everything from agriculture to consumer products; it is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but the majority of KSPC’s 400 employees are located nearer to the Bethune Mine, further south in the rural municipality of Dufferin. This mine was a ground-breaking venture, as the single largest project in the company’s history as well as being the first new potash mine built in Saskatchewan in more than 40 years.


Grateful for the opportunity to work within the province and experience all it has to offer, K+S Potash Canada started looking for ways to give back to the Saskatchewan communities that make their work possible. More than a decade later, KSPC now invests over $1.5 million annually back into Saskatchewan, with a specific focus on youth initiatives that help children get more chances to develop life skills, discover what drives them, and participate in new experiences.


“Our responsibility is to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Rather than stretching ourselves too thin trying to support everything, we focused our attention on youth initiatives,” says Bartel. “We feel this has the most potential for long-term, positive impact, because as those youth grow up, the experiences they’ve had will be replicated and passed along to their family and friends as well.”


Feeding a growing world

With potash being one of the world’s most effective crop fertilizers, KSPC operates in an industry that is adjacent to food production. The company is aware of food insecurity trends, and how a lack of adequate nutrition can affect young children not just in the moment, but for the rest of their lives.


“We believe this to be a critical issue across the province that needs to be addressed, but we also know that there are organizations – such as Breakfast Club of Canada – that can do so more effectively than we could on our own,” Bartel adds. “We are here to empower and enable those organizations to do what they do best.” This partnership fortifies Breakfast Club of Canada’s operations, particularly within Saskatchewan, where additional program expansions have occurred over the last year.


Breakfast Club of Canada’s Corporate Partnerships Advisor, Steven Letts, highlights the benefit even further. “KSPC has provided us with generous support through critical periods of the pandemic and beyond. They support many initiatives, including arts and athletic programs; the Club zeros in on nutrition, but we all are focused on improving the wellbeing of Canadian children and youth.”


Thank you, K+S Potash Canada, for your commitment to our cause. Together, we can empower the young people in our communities and create lasting, meaningful change. As Bartel perfectly sums it up: Let’s build a happier, healthier future!

Kids putting hands together on the table

BCC is currently seeking a Major Gifts and Planned Giving Lead to join our growing Philanthropy team. Reporting to the National Director, Philanthropy, the successful candidate will be responsible for developing this new role and leading the creation of strategies that will encourage individuals with a passion for nourishing children’s full potential across Canada to make Breakfast Club of Canada their first choice for philanthropic and legacy giving. This will be a key role in planning and implementing various leading-edge prospecting, awareness, solicitation, retention and recognition approaches that target current and prospective individual donors with the potential for major or legacy giving.


Breakfast Club of Canada promotes employment equity and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.



Donor development and solicitation:

  • Prospect individual donors (identify and qualify potential donors) and devise personalized donor acquisition strategies.
  • Oversee the creation and production of information and communications tools for major individual donors.
  • Implement personalized retention strategies and deepen relationships with existing individual donors to follow up on pledges and renew yearly commitments.
  • Help develop and plan recognition and retention activities for major and legacy donors.
  • Represent the organization at events and conferences.
  • Monitor the competitive landscape and emerging trends in philanthropy.



  • Work with the Senior Relationship Marketing Advisor to ensure pledges are honoured, and check that all the required information is accurate and complete; draft agreements based on the terms approved by the donor and in accordance with applicable BCC policies.
  • Regularly update the major and planned gift database.
  • Provide reports and analyses to help to ensure the effective management of planned gifts and partnerships.
  • Work with the Finance team to develop, revise and document the processes involved in various giving vehicles.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing or a related discipline.
  • Five to seven years of experience in a field relevant to the position.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken French and English.
  • Knowledge of tax and estate planning strategies.
  • Experience in developing and implementing major and planned giving strategies, along with a knowledge of gifts of securities and life insurance, charitable bequests and in-kind gifts, an asset.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and the ability to learn new applications quickly.
  • Familiarity with CRM platforms, an asset.
  • Membership in the Association of Fundraising Professionals or another relevant professional association or order, an asset.


  • Adherence to Breakfast Club of Canada values.
  • Keen customer service focus.
  • High-level persuasion and negotiation skills.
  • Empathic and good listener.
  • Strong interpersonal and collaborative abilities.
  • Resourceful self-starter with an analytical mindset.
  • Highly organized and versatile.
  • Capacity to work both independently and as part of a team.


  • Permanent, full-time position.
  • 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Professional development.
  • Personal leave days.
  • Day off on your birthday.
  • Group insurance plan.
  • Group RRSP with employer matching contributions.
  • Employee assistance program.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • The successful candidate will be based in a major city in Canada.
  • Target start date: As soon as possible.



Please email your resume and cover letter to

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.