“As I have learned, there are certain factors that affect a person’s health – their education and socioeconomic status, naturally, but also their community and the environment that they grow up in, that shapes who they are. Breakfast Club of Canada plays a major role in the well-being of its members.”

Sabrina is a former Club member and volunteer. She feels strongly that what she learned and experienced at the Club has helped make her the person she is today. We are proud to count this inspiring long-time ambassador among our spokespeople.


“When I went to serve breakfast at a participating school, it didn’t feel like a handout. It was more like a community celebration where everyone pitched in. And the benefits ripple out to society as a whole. Breakfast Club of Canada is working for a better future.”

Laurent has been involved with the Club on and off for several years. He became an official ambassador in 2018. He helps out with a number of different activities each year. His generosity and commitment to community service are a great fit with the Club’s mission and values.


“My reason for getting involved with Breakfast Club of Canada is that I want to encourage young people to try their hardest and believe in their dreams, like I believed in mine. If I can make a difference in my community, I’ll have accomplished my goal.”

Mikaël has been an ambassador with the Club since 2017. He is an inspiration to the young Club members and imparts the value of perseverance and the drive to excel during his visits to our breakfast programs.


“It’s natural for me to give back to kids. Not everyone benefits from the same starting blocks for their life journey. Raising awareness about the Club’s work and the situation faced by many children is crucial, and I’m glad to spread the word as much as I can.”

Since 2000, Ben has been a fierce defender of children’s right to an equal chance in life. He seizes every opportunity to spread the word through various platforms. He is also a spokesperson for our back-to-school campaign and participates in our signature events in Quebec.


“I am proud of my roots, and it’s important to me to give back to my community in a real and lasting way. The positive impact goes beyond the short term: we’re nourishing dreams as well as bodies, and dreaming is the first step toward success.” – Carey

“We consider ourselves blessed to be able to do our part in making sure that kids start the school day on a full stomach.” – Angela

NHL superstar Carey Price grew up in a First Nations community where one in two children were at risk of going to school hungry. He and his wife, Angela, decided to get involved with the community’s youth and promote the work done by Breakfast Club of Canada. Since 2014, they have stepped up to raise awareness about our cause and host select Club events.


“This cause means a lot to me. There was a breakfast program in my elementary school, so I saw first-hand the difference it made for kids to sit with their friends and eat the same food. I really wanted to get involved because it’s important to feel like that, to feel included.”

For Elizabeth, a former member and volunteer, the Club is a cause that’s near and dear to her heart. Every morning in elementary school, she would accompany her mother to volunteer in a breakfast program. In 2017, she decided to get more involved by becoming an ambassador. Now, she meets with youth to encourage them to persevere and follow their dreams. She shares her passion for snowboarding with them and reminds them to believe in themselves.