Our Local Heroes

Special Grant Allocation

Hundreds of organizations and schools work hard every day to feed children who are facing food insecurity. Thanks to the generosity of our partners and our community, Breakfast Club of Canada provides funds to a large number of organizations and schools across Canada to deliver nutritious food.

Guiding Principles

Each application is analyzed to determine whether it meets the following guiding principles:

-It must support organizations and schools emergency food programs helping Canadian children facing food insecurity.
-It must support high-need neighbourhoods across Canada and/or Indigenous, remote or fly-in communities.
-All organizations receiving support must be established and trusted.

Financial assistance is calculated based on the number of children helped daily by the initiative and the geographical location (considering that food tends to cost more in remote communities). We also factor in grants that have been allocated to other organizations in the same area.


Reducing the amount of people in the kitchen to keep older staff safe;

Getting in touch with suppliers that don’t normally sell to food banks to get food;

Setting up safe social distancing measures, and finding and purchasing proper PPE;

Setting up contactless delivery;

Misinformation about the virus and the reopening of cities, both of which are causing confusion for some people who come for assistance;

Increase in calls for domestic abuse and substance abuse.

Innovative Ideas

Reaching out to a local pizza restaurant for freezer space;

Local gin maker making hand sanitizer for organizations;

Donating phones to families in need to make sure people can communicate;

Creating videos that go with each food kit. These videos include a dedicated section to eating healthy.

List of funded organizations and schools by Breakfast Club of Canada

Powerful testimonials
from local heroes