Government Relations

Every child deserves to reach their full potential

Every child deserves access to nutritious food at school. Today, a growing number of students start their day without breakfast, and one in four children in Canada are affected by food insecurity, an increase of nearly 30%.

Our Guiding Principles

Driven by our core value of “Children Above All,” our government relations team follows three guiding principles to fulfill its duties.

We take an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable approach

The Club believes that feeding children is everyone’s business!

From a government relations perspective, this means interacting with all levels of government, regardless of party affiliation. It also means collaborating and coordinating our efforts locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement

Our goals for children are ambitious and clear. We know how to divide them into stages, measure our progress and celebrate every milestone. We are both determined and patient. Our motto: build on existing foundations, be agile and inspire innovation.

We aim to create social and economic value

School nutrition has a positive impact on children’s health, development and success, local economies, agri-food ecosystems and public health. For this reason, we approach every relationship we have with the aim of maximizing its impact and benefits for everyone involved.

Our Role

Engaging every level of government

Our aim is to help shape a country where all children have access to nutritious food at school.

Seeking Investments
Sustainable, recurring investment in breakfast programs in underprivileged areas.

Influencing Policies and Programs
National school nutrition policies and programs for all children from every walk of life.