As the year draws to a close, we all tend to think back on months past with gratitude and look forward to those to come with a renewed sense of hope.

This year in particular, we have so much to say “thank you” for. Because of you, we were able to do the impossible and continue to support children and communities in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. So let’s celebrate everything we accomplished by working together to help children and youth shine brighter all year long.

January 2020

15 new breakfast programs

15 new breakfast programs started up, serving 2,000 more children.

February 2020

25 new breakfast programs

25 new breakfast programs started up, serving 4,000 more children.
The 14th annual Déjeuners des grands, one of our signature fundraising events, took place, raising $100,000, an all-time high. 

March 2020


As the pandemic took hold and schools closed across the country, BCC leapt into action within a week to set up an emergency fund to mitigate the repercussions on families.

April 2020

$5 million

The federal government allocated $5 million to Breakfast Club of Canada to fight food insecurity.

May 2020

120 breakfast programs resume operations

120 schools in Quebec reopened their breakfast programs, which gave us the opportunity to test out a new model designed to comply with public health protocols.


June 2020

A medal

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced a special medal to thank essential workers for their contributions, with proceeds going to the Club.


July 2020

626,762 children

Your generosity and the hard work of 1,043 organizations and schools from coast to coast meant that, as of July 1, we had helped to feed 626,762 children since school closures began in March.

August 2020

2 million children

A new statistic emerged, showing that more than 2 million children and youth in Canada were starting their day on an empty stomach.
We launched the biggest fundraiser in our organization’s history to reverse this worrisome trend.


September 2020


Given the new health and safety standards in place and the higher price of food, the average cost of each breakfast at BCC rose to $3.


At the start of the new school year, breakfast program attendance increased by 25% to 30% on average.


October 2020

Vision and mission

The pandemic confirmed the need for a national school food program in Canada, something that is now specifically included in our vision and mission statements.

November 2020

$12 million

Your generosity enabled us to raise a record $12 million during our back-to-school campaign.

Giving a book never felt better!

This Giving Tuesday, Breakfast Club of Canada is proud to partner with Ollie, the boy who became what he ate. This Holiday season allow a child you know to experience the superpowers Ollie develops when he eats nutritious food. For every book purchased, you will be offered 3 donation options to the Club. A good opportunity to please a loved one, while allowing children across Canada to start their day with a full belly.

You can have a significant impact in helping our children shine brighter

Please help us put a twinkle in their eye this holiday season and make a real and lasting difference by gifting your publicly listed securities to Breakfast Club of Canada.

It is not too late to be generous.