Support from individuals like you is vital to the Club. Every action makes a difference and every person can give in their own way.


Change Starts with You

Our donors have strong values. They believe in a fair, equal education system for our children because learning is a right for all. They believe in the importance of nourishing your body in order to feed your soul and achieving your dreams. They are grateful for what life has given them and believe that taking care of our children – our future – is the best way to give back.


Parents donate because they see the impact breakfast has on their children. They know not all parents have the means to make ends meet.


Seniors donate because children are our future and need to be nurtured by the adults around them. They know how difficult it is to work on an empty stomach.

Young Professionals

Young professionals donate because they once attented a breakfast program at their school and distinctly remember how much fun it was. They want to offer the same opportunity to other kids in need.

From teachers, CFOs, and government officials to parents, retirees and university students: people from all walks of life donate to Breakfast Club of Canada because they know change starts with them, NOW. Together, we are leading social change toward a better Canada for our children.

Thank you to all those who donated during the 2017-2018 financial year. Thanks to you, we can continue to pursue our mission of ensuring all children have access to a nutritious breakfast in a caring environment at school.


Our Value Proposition

Embracing a cause is an important decision. Here is our pledge.

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For 25 years, Breakfast Club of Canada has proven to be a trustworthy charity, gaining the trust of our donors.

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Visible Impact

Donations are transformed into nutritious, filling breakfasts for hungry kids across the country.

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BCC is the Canadian leader in school nutrition programs, recognized worldwide.

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Tax Credits

Many of our donors give over $200 per year, qualifying them for an even bigger tax break.

Make a difference