Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has grown tremendously. But our desire to see children thrive has remained constant.


Our Brand Pillars

We have summarized in a few words our core, what we think of every morning on our way to work, the difference we make every day.

Our Vision

A country where all children can access the nourishment they need to succeed.

Our Mission

We work with partners from all sectors to deliver a high-quality national school food program. Together, we create a nurturing environment, where children and youth can flourish.


Our Guiding Principles

As our organization grows, our core values continue to guide us. We strive to be the adults Canadian children need us to be.

Children Above All

Children’s best interests are at the heart of our intentions, objectives and decisions. We always put children above all.


Our approach is inclusive, collaborative and sustainable. Together, we are part of the community.


We act in accordance with the highest principles of ethics, transparency and accountability. We operate with integrity.


Led by our creativity and our determination, we push our cause further. We think outside the box, and we do it with energy.


A Timeline of Events

  • 1994

    First breakfast program at
    Lionel-Groulx School, Longueuil
    - 100 children

  • 1999

    4,000 children
    50 schools

  • 2005

    Acknowledged by the
    UN World Food Program
    13,000 children
    163 schools

  • 2006

    Launch of
    Breakfast Clubs of Canada

  • 2010

    1,000th program opened in Canada
    80,000 children

  • 2014

    Merger of Club des petits déjeuners
    with Breakfast Club of Canada
    1,300 schools

  • 2017

    Hosts of the
    19th Global Child Nutrition Forum
    203,000 children
    1,598 schools

  • 2019 - 2020

    Club’s 25th anniversary

  • 2019

    Federal government evokes national food program
    The Club receives its Imagine Canada accreditation


Founded on Passion

The organization was co-founded by big-hearted people who continue today to carry out our mission every day, with and for kids.

Daniel Germain, President and Founder

After participating in an inspiring humanitarian mission overseas, Daniel founded Club des petits déjeuners, feeling compelled to help children within his own community.

With his unique energy and passion, he was, and continues to be, a tireless advocate for ensuring that all children have an equal chance at success.

Thanks to his remarkable ability to connect with others, he rallies partners from all backgrounds to commit wholeheartedly to the cause. CEOs, elected officials, volunteers, international leaders, and VIPs, alike all are inspired by his vision and dedication to children.

Judith Barry, Co-Founder

Since day one, Judith has worked alongside Daniel, focusing on establishing constructive and fruitful relationships with schools and communities.

Still today, her contribution is key to program development, ensuring that our approach inspires empowerment and that the support we offer is adapted to local needs and respectful of their culture.

Our society is constantly changing. We must adapt to find the most appropriate way to nurture our children. Judith brings a spirit of innovation to the Club, making sure it is sustainable and generates the greatest possible impact.

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