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Your next breakfast dish could help impact the future of Canadian children. Cora Breakfast and Lunch has recently released a new menu featuring its Breakfast for the Club. For each Breakfast for the Club ordered, {}.50 will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada.

In Canada, one in four children is at risk of starting school on an empty stomach. Hunger affects classroom learning (60% of which is done before lunch), behavioural issues such as bullying and social exclusion, as well as overall health and well-being. The Club helps instil good eating habits that contribute to the health and education of our youth.

“The story began in my own home, tells Cora Breakfast and Lunch founder, Cora Tsouflidou. This feeling of having to provide for those who depended on me intensified the day my first grandson was born. We had just opened our first restaurant and every penny counted. Nevertheless, I made it my mission to ensure that my grandchildren would never go hungry. It was an entirely natural step for us to partner with Breakfast Club of Canada.”

Cora restaurants have been long-time partners of Breakfast Club of Canada and are pleased to offer a brand-new dish to support this important cause. The delicious sweet ’n salty breakfast plate will help feed youth across Canada, so they can start their school day with a full tummy and look forward to a brighter future.
“It’s amazing for Breakfast Club of Canada to find partners who understand, such as Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurants, the importance of breakfast and community,” says Lisa Clowery, Director, Foundations and Corporate Relations at Breakfast Club of Canada. Since 2007, Cora renews year after year its support to our cause, while finding new delicious way to feed our appetites!”