Our Impact

School nutrition programs have a positive impact on children, families, schools and society.

Both at school and at home

Programs impact the lives of young people in concrete ways:
  • Improving learning capacities and academic achievement
  • Meeting basic student needs for food and reducing hunger
  • Ensuring students have reliable access to nutritious food
  • Building a more positive school climate, better relationships and a greater sense of community
  • Improving well-being, mood and behaviour
  • Providing a safe, inclusive and destigmatized environment
  • Increasing attendance and punctuality
  • Providing support to parents

Schools proud to be able to make a difference

Thanks to the support we offer to build their capabilities, our school and community partners are able to implement and maintain reliable (five days per week), universally accessible and quality breakfast programs, with nutritious and complete meals. These programs also provide an inclusive and stigma-free environment, promote health, food literacy and mental health, and encourage active student participation, fostering volunteer engagement and mobilizing the entire community.


On average, 90% of schools recognize that the Club contributes to building the capacities they need to maintain a high-impact breakfast program.


More than 85% of schools have been able to reach the specific impact objectives they had set for their school breakfast program.

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All children should have access to school nutrition programs. Help us provide nutritious breakfasts to children across Canada.