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Useful Resources

Healthy Tools for All Schools!

The Club’s online toolkit is a central library with a wealth of ready-to-use activities, ideas and resources to support your school’s breakfast club. Whether you’re looking for nutrition advice, inspiring tips for starting and sustaining a successful breakfast program or activities to engage students in good food education, we’ve got you covered!

We encourage you to visit regularly, as we are continually adding new resources. Should you have any questions, or if you would like to share your own resources or ideas with other schools, please contact us.

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Building foundations

In this section you’ll find practical, creative tools to help build a strong and sustainable foundation for your breakfast program. These tools are designed for schools that are interested in starting a breakfast program as well as schools that want to strengthen and enhance their existing program to reach every student.

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Involve volunteers and the school community

Breakfast clubs rely on the support of caring and committed volunteers every morning. In this section you will find tools for recruiting, retaining and recognizing volunteers and engaging the broader school community at your breakfast club. Remember, the most successful breakfast clubs are those that involve the whole school community.

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Recruitment Poster

Youth Engagement

Breakfast clubs present unique opportunities to engage and empower students by providing volunteer opportunities that promote leadership, food education and life skills development. This section explores ways to meaningfully engage students in the breakfast club and beyond including creative ways to get students growing, cooking and tasting nutritious foods.

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Budgeting and Fundraising

The Club supports community-based breakfast programs by providing funding, kitchen equipment, food donations, resources and training to schools across Canada. However, long-term funding from the Club must be complemented by other contributions at the local level. We encourage schools to manage their budget carefully and, wherever possible, diversify their sources of revenue. This section includes healthy fundraising ideas as well as tips for serving breakfasts that are light on cost but heavy on nutritional value.

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Eating a balanced breakfast every morning is one of the simplest things we can do to ensure our bodies and brains are receiving vital nutrients. Our first meal is responsible for fueling our body after a night of fasting, which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This section contains nutrition information, menu planning ideas, and tips to support breakfast program coordinators in planning a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will satisfy the pickiest of food critics - the students.

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Food Safety

Create a rewarding environment

At the Club, we make every effort to ensure that every child has access to two essential elements needed to learn: a nutritious breakfast served in a nourishing environment. This section contains resources designed to help your school foster a healthy social and physical environment where all students feel safe, supported, welcomed and respected.

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Program Evaluation

Evaluation is vital to measure the success and impact of a school breakfast program. This section highlights the many ways schools can effectively evaluate program impacts on a regular basis in order to guide program growth, learn from past experiences, and report impacts to donors, parents and the school community.

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