24 Hours In Walt Disney World!

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3 girls taking a picture

Kélie-Ann and sisters Geneviève and Maély were the lucky recipients of a special surprise on November 7, thanks to Dreams Take Flight. Their destination? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for their first trip ever!

Dreams Take Flight is a national volunteer charitable organization dedicated to providing the trip of a lifetime to selected children. With the help of Air Canada and other organizations, funds are raised to make dreams come true for young people across the country.

We talked to the three very excited girls just before they took off on their adventure!

Kélie-Ann, 8

The outgoing third-grader has been a Club member for a little over a year.

What does she like most about Breakfast Club of Canada? “I really like the English muffins and eating breakfast with my cousins who go to the Club too!” She also likes the volunteers, who she says are very nice. “My favourite is Linda. Every time it’s someone’s birthday, she decorates the room!”

How did she find out she had been picked for Dreams Take Flight? Her mother told her she was bringing her to do something special. They ended up at the Air Canada offices where Kélie-Ann learned about the trip. On the way there, her mother asked her what her biggest dreams were. Without suspecting what was going on, Kélie-Ann answered, “I’d love to get on a plane and go to Disneyland!”

What was her reaction when she got back? She said that if she ever had kids herself, she would like them to have the same experience.

Geneviève, 11 

She’s in Grade 5. She’s quiet and mature for her age. She has a great relationship with Sylvie, her favourite volunteer. “I like to go see Sylvie. We tell each other jokes before school starts.”

When she found out she was headed to one of the most magical places on earth, she was surprised and overjoyed! She said she was looking forward to meeting her favourite princess, Moana, and telling her family and friends about her adventure when she returned. “I’m going to bring back all sorts of souvenirs and pictures, and I’ll tell my class and my teacher all about it!”

Maély, 7

Maély is a fair-haired second grader with a beautiful smile. Her favourite breakfast? “I like bread, bagels, toast and English muffins.” If it comes from a bakery, she likes it!

When we met her, she told us she was looking forward to her trip because she knew the experience would be unforgettable. She said she would miss her parents and would give them lots of hugs before she went. She was eager to watch airplanes taking off from the ground and to see clouds outside the window once she was in the air. Why was she picked? “My mother told me I’m very generous and my teacher Marilyn says I’m a hard worker.”

The big day

Early in the morning, all three girls left for the Air Canada hangar for an unforgettable 24-hour adventure. They shared a couple of selfies with us before they left. Each picture is indeed worth a thousand words!


Thank you to Dreams Take Flight and the Air Canada Foundation for giving children the chance to take a trip they will remember for the rest of their lives!