Élisabeth: Giving From The Heart

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children enjoying breakfast together

As we celebrate National Philanthropy Day, we would like to shine the spotlight on the contributions of one of our donors who has been supporting the Club’s work for many years.

Élisabeth: An annual donor since 2003

Élisabeth has been a BCC donor for the past 17 years. She took up knitting when she was put on long-term disability for a chronic illness at age 43. When things were at their worst for Élisabeth, she had her handiwork to keep her spirits up. That’s when she started to make special items for charity. To this day, Élisabeth knits 25 sweaters every year for the homeless.

5 questions for Élisabeth:

Why did you choose to give to the Club? I have a real soft spot for kids, especially kids who don’t get enough to eat. That’s one of the basics: making sure they are nourished, physically and mentally. We have to help kids get a good start in life.

Why is it important to support charities? What do you get out of it? It’s something that’s good for the soul, basically. Giving makes me feel alive. I feel at peace with myself. I’m proud of what I do.

Is giving a kind of social responsibility? I think it really is a responsibility for me, since I don’t have any children. But it’s a positive responsibility. I don’t see it as a burden.

Do you think everybody should do their part? Everybody who can, yes, but some people aren’t in a position to do so.

Why do you keep giving back to the Club? As long as there are kids out there who aren’t getting enough to eat, I’ll be there to help the Club. It’s somewhere I can have a direct impact. The Club delivers food straight to schools and what I give helps make those deliveries possible. I donate to several organizations, but I’ll always be there for the Club.

From the volunteers who get up early in the morning to make breakfast and our generous long-time partners who donate food and money, to the members of our board of directors who guide our operations without asking for anything in return and the thousands of Canadians whose donations empower our efforts, you are all making a difference in the lives of children through your involvement with the Club. Thank you!

If you want to give to Breakfast Club of Canada, too, click here.