Making It Happen Together – Giving All Children An Equal Chances Of Success

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Two kids eating and drinking water with blurred background of other children

Today marks the start of a new school year for thousands of young students in Quebec. They will meet their new classmates of the next months, begin building new habits and routines, and start developing trusting relationships with the teachers and school staff who will guide them toward success for the year to come!

During summer break, Breakfast Club of Canada thought about these children. Serving 35,461,913 breakfasts every year in a country as vast as ours is not something that happens overnight. We pour our hearts into preparing and planning for the school year, so that children can focus on succeeding.

We asked school principals, teachers and volunteers who operate breakfast programs to explain what the implementation of a breakfast program entails. From the very start of the implementation of a breakfast program, through the accompaniment of Breakfast Club of Canada, to the official grand opening – this “behind the scenes” video proves that when we work together, we can provide an equal chance of success to ALL children!