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Do you know Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate? He’s a picky little boy who gets superpowers from new food he tries. His goal? Encouraging children to discover new food and to develop healthy eating habits. 

Ollie is the star of a TV series on CBC Kids as well as a book, all created and produced by Sheena Macrae. He is also generous, because all through December, you will have the opportunity to give breakfast to children attending a breakfast program in school. 

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Free activities for your class or your family! 

Breakfast Club of Canada is the charitable partner for Superpower Food Day by Ollie Club — the home of popular CBC show Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate! Dec 2nd – Dec 4th, Ollie Club will launch free programming, lesson plans and educational activities for teachers across Canada and around the world — all available online.

Superpower Food Day is a Telus-funded, free virtual family event celebrating and helping kids learn about healthy foods. With Ollie, the five-year-old star of the animated CBC TV show as inspiration, Superpower Food Day encourages teachers, educators and parents to engage children in educational activities that spark interest in trying new and nutritious foods. Playing with your food has never been this enlightening!

Spearheading the Superpower Food movement is Sheena Macrae, Ollie creator, author and Executive Producer of Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate. “Superpower Food Day is about making food fun for kids of all ages. My goal is to turn the kitchen into a classroom and the classroom into a kitchen. I hope that these free lessons help educators to turn their students into real food superheroes,” says Macrae.

Educators, teachers and homeschool parents are invited to register for Ollie Superpower Food Day to receive a week of Ollie-themed, teacher-created, free lesson plans and resources for pre-K to grade 1 children. The Ollie Club “classroom in a box” includes: 

  • Age-appropriate ready-made classes about healthy living.
  • Classes include learning about food, nutrition, literacy, health, dramatic arts, food sustainability, movement and meditation.
  • Fun, printable worksheets for your students.
  • Entertaining and educational pre-recorded activities and storytime.

From December 2nd — 4th, these ready-made classes are perfect for in-school or virtual classes to inspire learners. Dec 5th with Superpower Food Day as it continues with a full day of free virtual family activities and live entertainment, teachers are encouraged to share this information with parents and caregivers. 

When you register, you’re automatically entered to win one of 20 Ollie storybooks for your classroom.  Free to register here or on www.OllieClub.com