True Local Heroes For Kids And Families

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A few months ago, a school in the Aroland First Nation community in Ontario received a special grant from Breakfast Club of Canada’s Emergency Fund. Bill Beaucage, the school’s principal, sent us a moving letter to express his gratitude. A must-read!

Dear Breakfast Club of Canada,

Aroland’s Breakfast Food Hamper Program is extremely essential for the children and families in our community. Volunteers from our school and community are assisting us with packing hampers and delivering them to all 114 homes in Aroland. In my eyes, these volunteers, hamper packers and deliverers are the true heroes that are the reason why this program is and continues to be a success in our community.

“I feel awesome because now people get to have things to cook on, fruit to eat, breakfast.” – Melissa Megan (Volunteer Packer)

Every second Friday, a food order is delivered from Daneff’s Food Market in Geraldton, Ontario, to Aroland. These hampers are providing the essential breakfast food items families need in our absence. Grill/griddle combination sets, frying pans and spatulas were also delivered to all our homes.

It has been gratifying reading all the “thank you” comments that families and households are sharing with us. One comment in particular this past week said, “Thank you so much. This was over the top.”

“I am happy to deliver to my community. It just helps everybody in living properly here.” – Rolland Towedo (Volunteer Delivery Driver)

Please know that every dollar that your organization has provided Aroland First Nation from your very generous donors is making a huge difference and impact at the very doorstep of every household in the community.

Thank you to Breakfast Club of Canada for your financial support and the generosity of your donors during these unprecedented times. Thanks to all of you, great work is taking place in small communities like Aroland, Ontario, and across our great country.

Stay safe, stay well.

Bill Beaucage
Johnny Therriault School, Aroland