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The holidays are perhaps the best time to be thank our donors and highlight what a difference they make in helping children reach their full potential. It is also a great season for Breakfast Club of Canada to look back on all that has been accomplished and think about all the work that still needs to be done. Cargill understood many years ago that food insecurity is a major problem in Canada.  


BCC Foundations and Corporate Partnerships Advisor Catherine Tremblay comments: “as a partner of the Club for over 10 years, Cargill’s vision is very much aligned with our organization’s. Cargill is committed to nutrition and to improving food insecurity in our communities and making a real difference. The company believes that all children should have access to nutritious food for growth and learning, and that nutrition education that builds healthy eating habits at an early age is a priority!”  

Preparing food

A purpose for connection 

For over 150 years, Cargill has remained true to the vision of William Wallace Cargill when he acquired a grain warehouse in 1865: helping farmers prosper, connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they are seeking. Known as one of Canada’s largest merchandisers and processors of meat and oilseed, the company is also involved in crop product retailing and grain handling and milling for a whole range of food possibilities.  


“Our purpose is to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, people and animals with the food they need to thrive” explains Alayna Hoy, Global Communications Specialist at Cargill. 


A path very close to Breakfast Club of Canada who operates locally, in neighbourhoods across Canada, connecting people and communities around a common cause. While Cargill combines its experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner in more than 125 countries, it supports the club’s program in Canada to ensure that the next generation has access to nutritious food so children can succeed in school and in life, one breakfast at a time.  

Preparing food

Bringing sustainable nutrition solutions 

“From the beginning, Cargill has always been committed to community engagement. It’s core to who we are. We work with partners across borders to improve sustainability, food security and nutrition.” 


In 2021, Cargill provided $110.5 million in total charitable contributions in 56 countries to support communities. Cargill businesses and employee-led groups partner with local civic, non-profit and non-governmental organizations on programs and projects that improve food security and nutrition; support human rights, equity and inclusion.   


A perfect match with Breakfast club of Canada who reaches more than half a million children in 3,362 programs throughout Canada. Thanks to a dedicated network of private and public supporters such as Cargill – BCC is able to gather resources and get closer to a common dream: feeding all Canadian children and make sure they have an equal chance to learn.

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Small and Tall artist Club

Gallea, the largest visual arts gallery of independent artists in Canada, has teamed up with Breakfast Club of Canada for the first time for a creative endeavour aimed at raising funds and shining the spotlight on professional and budding artists alike, as part of a virtual exhibition launched October 18.  


Gallea aims to create the largest art distribution network in the world and make local art accessible everywhere to everyone. This dedication to accessibility of opportunities resonates deeply with BCC. “We share several core values with Gallea. And working together has also opened up a whole new avenue for raising funds,” explained Catherine Tremblay, Advisor, Foundations and Corporate Partnerships.  


A winning collaboration between Breakfast Club of Canada and Gallea 

The whole thing started with a drawing contest, where children were asked to send in their artwork via Facebook. A total of 20 submissions were picked to inspire Canadian artists to create the selections that are now on virtual display through the Small and Tall Artists Club on the Gallea website. Half of the proceeds from the sale of these works will go to Breakfast Club of Canada.  


Linzi Shang, Gallea’s co-founder, is actually a former breakfast program participant herself. She has lots of great memories of the Club. “The volunteers were so nice. They smiled and took the time to talk to me. I felt seen. I felt like I mattered. It’s the kind of experience that made me feel like I really belonged here in my adopted home of Quebec,” she explained. She is particularly happy to now be giving back to BCC through this wonderful initiative.  


You can learn more about Linzi’s story here. 


Artists inspiring artists across generations 

Over 40 artists from around the country answered the call to contribute to this initiative and, as a result, get more children’s day off to a healthy start. They were given carte blanche to come up with something inspired by one of the selected children’s drawings, representing one of three themes: friendship, sharing or learning. In addition to lending their artistic talents to the exhibition, the participating artists have helped raise BCC’s public visibility and generated additional buzz for the initiative through social media.   


Proud parents  

The parents of our aspiring artists were proud and excited to see their children’s artistic output take on a whole new form and, in so doing, help give back to other children. “It’s amazing how it all turned out! My kids loved being part of the experience and having the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause!” explained Joannie, mom to Alice, Cloé and Genève. 


The Small and Tall Artists Club exhibition, presented in collaboration with Breakfast Club of Canada, is currently on display on Gallea’s website. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the works in the exhibition will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada.  



Walmart Associate


Did you know that 60% of a child’s learning happens in the morning? Research has shown that a healthy breakfast to start a child’s day helps ensure they are able to thrive, learn and excel. 

But, many children in Canada arrive at school hungry. This is why, over the last 19 years, Walmart Canada has supported Breakfast Club of Canada’s programs and helped ensure children have access to a nutritious breakfast.  


Walmart Canada is currently running their annual national back-to-school fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for school and community breakfast programs across the countryPaul Lethbridge, Director, Development & Donor Engagement at BCC explains: “Our partnership with Walmart Canada opens many doors for the Club. Their significant yearly funding gives us the resources to serve millions of meals on an annual basis and, through the generosity and dedication of Walmart’s associates and customers, we’re able to build the momentum, year-over-year, to help meet the escalating needs.” Since 2003, Walmart Canada has worked with Breakfast Club of Canada, donating and raising more than $55 million to help feed more than 243,000 students each day. 

Walmart Associate

Walmart Canada’s extensive philanthropy program is focused on supporting Canadian families in need, and since 1994, Walmart Canada has raised and donated more than $500 million to Canadian charities. “We’re committed to building and supporting strong communities, while inspiring our associates to give back. Our giving programs meet specific social needs, and we proudly work through our stores and associates to spark change,” explains Gaurav GuptaDirectorEnvironmental Social & Governance, Walmart Canada. He points out the strong commitment of the associates who are encouraged to engage with customers and local organizations in several ways to understand and support local needs. “Our associates are our greatest ambassadors. They have a tremendous passion for supporting worthy causes and organizations like Breakfast Club of Canada.” 


Making a truly national impact 

In addition to contributions through this campaign, Walmart Canada continues to be the largest corporate donor to Breakfast Club of Canada, which reaches more than 490,000 children throughout Canada, making sure they have an equal chance to learn.  Through their network of stores across the country and workforce of over 100,000 associates, Walmart Canada represents a significant awareness building opportunity for BCC. “Our mission, brand and impact are visible to millions of Canadians who shop in store and online over the duration of the campaign.  At the start of the partnership, 19 years ago, Walmart Canada’s national support laid the groundwork for BCC to spread its mission across the country to make a truly national impact.  Without Walmart’s support, more children across Canada would face food insecurity on a daily basis,” added Paul Lethbridge.  


Walmart’s back-to-school fundraising campaign runs until October 22, 2021 and donations can be made in more than 400 locations across Canada or on 

affirmation station

Harvest Manitoba went above and beyond in their mission to nourish children and incorporated an affirmation exercise in the Breakfast 2 Go packs for the students at the five schools they reach out to. The response has been incredible.


Mika Peterson, Harvest Manitoba’s Community Events Manager, shared that “the affirmations started as a way to ensure our Breakfast 2 Go students were being nourished physically and mentally with food, but also emotionally through positive affirmation. We understand that in order to have healthy children in our communities they need to be supported equally in all three ways, which is why we have included affirmation notes in the kits. It’s just a reminder that someone is thinking of you and looking out for you. Here’s a meal and a little note to make you feel cared for.”

Positive notes

Initially, the affirmation notes came from Google or Pinterest searches. One day, a group of volunteers who had come in to sort food finished early and asked if there were other ways they could help. The Harvest Manitoba team asked if they would like to prepare handwritten affirmations for the breakfast kits. The messages could be as simple as “Have a great day!” or “Enjoy your breakfast!” The volunteers happily agreed. It was intended as a one-time exercise, but students and teachers alike said how much these personal messages meant. Not only did they make students feel good, but the adult volunteers who wrote them also enjoyed the experience and were reminded of the importance of being kind to themselves as well.

Positive Notes

The impact was overwhelmingly positive. The students said the affirmations made them feel like someone cared, and they were excited to see what their message would be from week to week. The Harvest Manitoba team was glad that such a simple action was having such a powerful effect. During the holidays, Harvest Manitoba shared a social media post asking the community for affirmation submissions. Over 100 families, schools and businesses responded, thus expanding the scope of the initiative and showcasing the power of community.


At the end of the year, Harvest Manitoba distributed a survey to students to get their feedback about the program. One of the questions was about the affirmation notes and how they made students feel. Here are some of their heartwarming answers:

  • “I feel happy and special.”
  • “I love them. I put them up on my fridge at home. I have kept every note since last year.”
  • “What I feel when I get B2Go… HAPPY!”
  • “Kind of fun to read, the motivational ones are the best.”
  • “The notes in my B2Go kit make me feel happy.”
  • “I read them and keep them in a box.”
  • “Happy! The jokes are happy and funny and silly!”
  • “I keep them for my sister because she has been struggling and the note made her feel better.”
  • “They’re funny so they make me laugh!”
  • “Makes me smile, it’s cool that you can tell other kids wrote them.”
  • “Confident and awesome.”
  • “I got a lot of them. It feels good to hear nice words.”
  • “The notes in the bags make me feel encouraged to make something.”
  • “Happy, very happy and I feel like I should give someone else the same note.”
  • “The notes I get in my Breakfast 2 Go bags make my day even better and it gives me a big smile. I remember last year I would always collect the notes and give them to my family members.”
  • “I want to know who writes them and I want to write them for other kids.”
  • “It makes me feel really good. Every time I’m in class I look at the notes and it helps me work faster.”
  • “They make me feel like somebody is giving me confidence :).”
  • “It actually makes me feel good because I know I have some food to eat.”


When asked what she loves the most about the affirmations, Mika said:

“I love that our students feel cared for, that the affirmations act as a little reminder that they have a whole community supporting them. It is the best part of my job seeing people in the community come together to support one another. Whether that’s supporting Breakfast 2 Go through funds, food, time packing the kits or time spent creating an affirmation note, it truly has such a huge impact.“


The whole experience once again shows that every bit counts. Even a small donation or investment of time can have a lasting impact.

Today, we are talking to Anick Lamothe, blogger, author, translator and mother. Anick has also been volunteering with Breakfast Club of Canada since 2013. The self-avowed foodie behind the blog Une mère poule un peu dingue has created a collection of 10 nutritious and delicious recipes for the Club. These delicious recipes are available as part of Circle K and Couche Tard’s fundraising campaigns for BCC.


Meet the creator of flavours Anick Lamothe :


You seem to have led several different lives. Can you tell us a little more about your background?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher or a lawyer. I actually worked as a notary for three years and I hated it! I always had a thing for healthy eating, and since I was already making homemade baby food for my daughter, I started making some for friends of mine who were new moms. This was the original impetus behind Les aliments La Mère Poule, which I co-founded with my mother. The idea was a success, but my mother fell ill and we had to sell the business. Not long after that, I ventured into the world of pharmaceutical development, and that’s when I decided to start giving back to society. The Club was a natural choice, given my love for children.


What sparked your passion for cooking?

When I was a little girl, my mother used to sit me down beside her while she was working in the kitchen. I had my own miniature rolling pin and I even used to make pies! I always found comfort in the smells coming from the kitchen. As I grew older, I picked up the pastime of reading cookbooks like other people would read novels. Cooking is a great way to bring families together and share special moments. That’s what it means to me.

Anick Lamotte Cookbook

What is your favourite dish or recipe?

I tend to lean more toward the savoury than I do the sweet. For the longest time, my favourite thing to make was my grandmother’s mocha cake or her “fridge cookies.” But now, I’m far too curious to limit myself to a single choice.


Why did you choose to get involved with Breakfast Club of Canada?

Because children can’t learn when they’re hungry, and education is the key to success. Growing brains want to learn, but they can’t do it on their own. I think fighting food insecurity is basically a civic duty. It’s an investment in the future of our society. I’m someone who’s constantly on the go, so the only time I had to volunteer was early in the morning. That’s why the Club’s breakfast program was the perfect solution for me: I could lend a hand to a deserving organization while helping children eat better.


How does this come together in your day-to-day life?

Before the pandemic, we all helped set up the tables and prepare food, chatting merrily away as we went. The volunteers are in charge of serving breakfast and doing dishes. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the kids — we always have an encouraging word and a smile for each one. Some children even volunteer to help out, and that’s wonderful. I miss my talks with Fadia and her great big smile, and with Sophie, who’s just a little wisp of a thing. We are there to serve food to kids, but there’s a human warmth that goes in both directions. At the end of every shift, I’m always on cloud nine, even though it’s not necessarily easy to get up at 5:30 in the morning and crawl into a freezing cold car. But you get more than you give when you volunteer with a breakfast program.


What have you noticed about the children who frequent the breakfast program?

I live in an ethnically diverse neighbourhood, so there are lots of newcomers in our community. But everybody shares a love of maple syrup! What really stands out is how kind and polite the children are. You can see how nervous some of them are at first, but after a couple of weeks they feel right at home. What I’ve also noticed is how inclusive the whole thing is: you almost never see a child eating on their own. And all the different cultures come together!


Can you tell us a little more about the recipes you’ve created for the Club?

I wanted to come up with healthy, nutritionally balanced and easy-to-make recipes, but with a little something extra to expand young palates while still maintaining a broad appeal. So my version of oatmeal, for example, is made with spelt, a grain that is as healthy as it is yummy. My muffins use buckwheat flour and an egg, with a dash of inspiration from Korean street food cuisine!



Don’t miss the fundraising dates below. Make a donation at the store checkout of a Couche-Tard or Circle K, in Maritime locations, and get a link on your receipt to access these exclusive recipes!

Couche-Tard: September 14th  to 20th
Circle K – Maritimes: September 14th  to October 11th
Team picture Costco

As we continue to live through an unpredictable period, the Costco warehouse chain is once again stepping up as a major partner of Breakfast Club of Canada’s Back-to-School campaign this year.

This is a great way for Costco to make a difference and help nurture the potential of children by giving them an equal opportunity to succeed. “Costco started to be involved in the community in its early years. We are committed in our support of charitable activities in the communities where we operate, particularly with initiatives related to children, in the areas of health, welfare and education, as well as families in need, “said Benoit Louis-Seize, Manager of Benefits and Pension at Costco.


An essential commitment

Since the beginning of the pandemic, food insecurity has been a major issue across the country and continues to affect a great number of kids. In Canada, 1 in 3 children are at risk of going to school on an empty stomach. The success of this Back-to-School campaign is critical to be able to continue to reach the significant number of children who have benefited from breakfast programs over the past year. “Thanks to partners like Costco, the Club helps Canadian children start their school day on a full stomach,” explains Judith Barry, Co-Founder, Director of Impact and Provincial & Territorial Government Relations at Breakfast Club of Canada.


For 14 years now, the Club has been able to count on Costco as a valuable partner. Education and health, especially when it comes to children, are fundamental values for the company and the commitment of the employees in each of the warehouses rubs off on their customers, allowing them to offer a large number of breakfasts to Canadian children. The campaign results are shared on a daily basis between the warehouses and other businesses, which creates a friendly competition amongst the locations as all employees strive to achieve the most fundraising. Benoit Louis-Seize explains, “We also encourage them to have fun! Our employees and members are the key components. They are vital in the success of this campaign. It is our employees’ engagement that makes this successful, as they are responsible for asking every member who goes through their cash if they would like to make a donation to Breakfast Club of Canada throughout the entire campaign.”


Supporting future generations

Each year, with the help of members, vendors and employees, the company participates in a variety of fundraising activities and holds a fundraising campaign with the Children’s Miracle Network. It also supports the Canadian Red Cross, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Salvation Army and the United Way. Costco provides numerous university scholarships and more than 48,000 backpacks to underprivileged children across the country through its backpack program.

“We believe every child should be treated equally. They all deserve to have proper nutrition in order to be attentive and focus in class. We want children to have the opportunity to learn and achieve their goals without being distracted by an empty stomach,” says Benoit Louis-Seize. “It’s really important for us to be involved in our community, and our partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada allows us to provide concrete support for the development of future generations.”


Costco’s Back-to-School campaign runs until September 19, 2021 and donations can be made in 106 locations across Canada.

While a return to a new normal is slowly approaching, the effects of the pandemic are still very present, and some children and their families unfortunately start their day without a healthy breakfast. The generosity of partners and donors is therefore more important than ever.


Today, Breakfast Club of Canada is very honoured to welcome Michelin Canada as a new partner. The Club relies on the support of partners and Canadians everywhere to make sure it can continue to reach a considerable number of children in need, and generous corporate supporters such as Michelin Canada are key to the success of BCC’s work. These organizations make it possible to maximize every effort and ensure their donation has a real impact in the lives of children across the country.


Promoting sustainable communities


Since 1889, Michelin has continued to innovate to facilitate the mobility of people and goods, as well as contribute to the advancement of human progress. Today, the organization is the leader in tire technology, leveraging its expertise to deliver services and solutions that increase travel efficiency and adaptability. These skills are aligned with the work BCC does to be present in every province and territory, be aware of the diverse realities across Canada and understand that every community has specific needs.


Michelin also works to promote sustainable communities. To that end, one of Michelin’s key focus areas is the education of youth, particularly in the areas of science and technology. The company counts 23,000 employees in North America and believes supporting education can positively impact the lives of young people.


Michelin’s engagement


“The education of young people is important to the long-term sustainability of communities, which is an important focus for Michelin,” says Sylvaine Cuniberti, Director of Marketing at Michelin Canada.


One example is Michelin Challenge Education (MCE), which was launched in 2009 and gives Michelin employees the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the improvement of public education through hands-on involvement. MCE partners with public elementary schools across Canada and the U.S. to serve as mentors, tutors and volunteers, and most importantly, make a difference at the earliest stage of the learning process.


A commitment that Marie-Eve Desrochers, Senior Advisor, Corporate Partnerships at Breakfast Club of Canada, is very pleased to highlight. ”Michelin’s willingness to be directly involved in making a difference is amazing. Michelin is eager to give all children an equal opportunity to succeed – starting with the tutoring program and now partnering with the Club to help nurture the potential of children” she explains. This starts with a nutritious first meal helping to create a caring and inclusive school community, to improve learning capacities and foster a sense of engagement and belonging.


“The connection between eating a healthy breakfast and being prepared to learn is well-documented. Through this partnership between Michelin Canada and Breakfast Club of Canada, we hope to inspire future leaders!” concludes Sylvaine Cuniberti.


Welcome to the BCC family, Michelin!

Once again this year, we are fortunate to enjoy the support of several partners during the Breakfast Club of Canada back-to-school campaign. Unfortunately, food security in Canada has grown significantly since the outset of the pandemic.  


This marks the 16th year in a row we have partnered with Bureau en Gros/Staples and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful. They play a front-line role during the back-to-school campaign and pull out all the stops to ensure children don’t begin their school year hungry. “Thanks to the amazing generosity and fundraising efforts of Bureau en Gros/Staples, we have been able to make a real difference. This partnership will help Breakfast Club of Canada push forward and not lose any ground during these trying times,” said BCC General Manager Tommy Kulczyk.  


In Canada, 1 in 3 children is at risk of going to school on an empty stomach each morning. That’s 2 million hungry children in all. Every year, Bureau en Gros/Staples goes above and beyond in showing their support for Breakfast Club of Canada’s back-to-school campaign, and so do their employees.  


“We are proud to help the Club provide access to a nutritious breakfast to as many children as possible,” said Michel Melançon, Staples Regional Vice President of Sales and Operations. “As more and more children live in households that can’t always afford healthy foods like fruit, we hope our efforts will support the Club’s mission to nurture the potential and health of children, giving all of them an equal opportunity to succeed.”


Every action counts  

Associates at Bureau en Gros/Staples’ 90 participating stores across Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces are working together and going the extra mile to contribute to the campaign and encourage customers to join them.  


Case in point: Martin Dubeau, an associate with the Sherbrooke store, whose remarkable dedication is shared by his co-workers and friends. They planned a 50k race over the course of a weekend and raised $818, which was added to the store’s fundraising tally. We are very thankful for initiatives like these that just go to prove that every bit counts.  


There’s still time for customers in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces to do their own bit by making a checkout donation at any one of the 90 participating Bureau en Gros/Staples locations until September 19th. During the hectic back-to-school period, the staff and volunteers of Breakfast Club of Canada, along with teachers and parents, are working extra hard to feed as many children as possible and get their school year off to a healthy start. Thank you to everyone at Bureau en Gros/Staples for helping us stop child hunger.  


Step up to the breakfast plate and give now! 

Breakfast Club of Canada is celebrating its 15th year of partnership with the Air Canada Foundation, a partnership that has helped grow its reach outside of the province of Quebec into a national organization serving healthy meals to more than 250,000 students a day.


“They actually were a founding partner to help us take flight, if you will, to expand our operations outside of Quebec,” says Lisa Clowery, BCC’s director of corporate sponsorships. “It was a big milestone for us to have them as a partner.”That initial support of free flights helped BCC expand its operations to every province and territory. And it grew from there, with financial support from the Air Canada Foundation helping to fund programs that promote the health and well-being of children across the country, including in Canada’s Indigenous communities. 

“Air Canada aims to reflect Canadian’s values, which embody those of unity and diversity,” says Air Canada Foundation spokesperson Valerie Durand. “In setting up these programs, it was important for us to support as many communities as possible, including Indigenous communities. Breakfast Club of Canada was already doing it through their programs, so it was a perfect alignment.”


Since their relationship began, the Air Canada Foundation has invested more than $1.2 million dollars and their contributions to BCC have helped them serve close to 2 million breakfasts to more than 11,000 students. In addition, 1,500 Indigenous students from high-need communities in Alberta and Manitoba now have access to healthy food options via newly established school breakfast programs.

Programmes petits déjeuners

In 2019, the Air Canada Foundation also committed to funding the opening of two priority breakfast programs in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. They are also sustaining three breakfast programs in remote schools by covering the costs of food purchases and kitchen equipment.


“Our mission is the health and wellness of kids and we do this through three main pillars: helping sick kids get better, alleviating child poverty and making dreams come true,” explains Durand.


When it comes to that last pillar of making dreams come true, Durand points to the Shooting for the Stars initiative. Every year, three to four Indigenous youth from British Columbia enjoy a trip to Montreal to meet their hockey idol, Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. Children are selected from communities where Price played hockey as a youth.


As an FNMI ambassador for BCC, Price is a role model for young people across the country, but especially for those who share his Indigenous heritage. Clowery says that the five-year Shooting for the Stars initiative was a real highlight of the organizations’ partnership and one that has had a real impact on the communities that the children come from.


“Air Canada was one of the first partners to help us with funding for the Indigenous community and that was a huge milestone for us,” says Clowery. “Over the years, every time we needed them to be part of something, they’ve always raised their hand.”

Programmes petits déjeuners

Last year, the Air Canada Foundation designated Breakfast Club of Canada as a recipient for the cash donations collected from passengers aboard their flights in their Every Bit Counts program. Despite the reduced amount of passenger traffic during the pandemic, the program still collected just over $136,000 for BCC. Of that total, $50,000 was earmarked for their Back to School campaign to combat food insecurity, which has been on the rise during the health crisis.The pandemic has exacerbated the problem in remote Indigenous communities, like Grise Fiord on Ellesmere Island. The Nunavut community is the northernmost in Canada, but one BCC ambassador made the effort to ensure students received food during pandemic-induced school closures in May and June 2020. 

For many of the 25 kindergarten to Grade 12 students of Umimmak School, the healthy breakfast served there was the one sure meal they would receive each day. Teachers were concerned about how students would access the nutrition they need. So one teacher named Zuzanna took it upon herself to create food hampers to deliver to the hamlet’s families. Due to health restrictions, no one else could help her, so she assembled the food parcels by herself and personally delivered them by sled once a week.When Air Canada announced winners for its Gift of Travel campaign last holiday season to celebrate community heroes who went above and beyond during 2020, Zuzanna was one of the recipients. 

“We are extremely grateful for our relationship with the Air Canada Foundation and we just want to continue to grow and soar with them and see what other horizons we can achieve together,” says Clowery.

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Breakfast Club of Canada and FedEx Partnership

Because no child should start the day hungry!

As the pandemic has exacerbated household food insecurity, Breakfast Club of Canada is working relentlessly to make sure more and more children start their day with a healthy meal, this would not be possible without the help of valued supporters such as FedEx.

FedEx and Breakfast Club of Canada partnership

As a trusted employer with more than 570,000 team members worldwide, FedEx is proud to support charities across Canada that are near and dear to their employees’ hearts. The company quickly understood the benefits of providing a nutritious meal at school and, more than that, the fact that BCC programs generate positive changes in school communities and our society.


Lisa Lisson, president of FedEx Express Canada explains, “Giving back is part of the FedEx culture. FedEx Cares is our global community engagement program and one way that we live out our purpose of connecting people and possibilities. Around the world, our team members support charitable investments and community needs by dedicating their time where they live and work”.


In addition to their corporate charitable initiatives, FedEx donates more than $60,000 a year to registered Canadian charities selected by its employees through its FedEx Cares Employee Community Fund.

BCC and FedEx

Sadly, food insecurity still affects the lives of too many Canadians, and it continues to be a critical issue throughout the COVID-19 crisis. With so many people out of work and businesses closed, more and more Canadians are turning to food banks and other community agencies for support, and the number of children in need has increased dramatically.  So, FedEx decided to focus their giving efforts on organizations like Breakfast Club of Canada that are helping children and other at-risk people across the country during this difficult time.

“Through our local giving programs, FedEx supports organizations helping people in need across Canada. Within the last year, our team members have donated more than 5,000 kg of food to 34 Canadian food banks, and the company has donated more than $100,000 to food banks and organizations including Breakfast Club of Canada, that are directly addressing the issue of food insecurity,” added Lisson.

Breakfast Club of Canada is deeply grateful for the support received from FedEx and for their commitment to children’s health and wellness. Their efforts have a huge impact on the Club’s mission to feed  children, especially in these difficult times and on the long road to recovery.