Handy Nutrition Tools for You to Use!

The Breakfast Club of Canada Nutrition Committee has some great tools for you to check out. Be sure to have a closer look and find out how to boost the nutritional value of your breakfasts, encourage children to try new foods and make healthy eating habits stick. 


Nutrition Guidelines  

The Club’s General Nutrition Guidelines contain a series of recommendations to help you make every breakfast nutrient-dense and nutritionally balanced, with a daily selection from each of the three main food categories. Get inspired by the front-page picture of a colourful plate brimming over with healthy food choices, and keep reading for more examples of recommendations for each category.  

Want to dive deeper when making your breakfast menu selections for your students? Then be sure to read our Detailed Nutrition Guidelines, where you can learn more about what goes into a healthy, balanced breakfast.  

Swap This… For That! 

The Swap This… for That! sheet has some great ideas for incorporating healthier alternatives into your breakfast program menus. The suggested foods and ingredients will increase the nutritional value of your meals. Have a look to see some of the places you can power up children’s mornings! 

Nurturing Healthy Eaters 

Our Nurturing Healthy Eaters sheet outlines five simple ways you can encourage students to embrace healthy eating. Find out how to create a positive breakfast environment and instil good attitudes toward food. 

Special Occasions 

Our Special Occasions sheet has some creative ideas for preparing healthy breakfasts to celebrate key dates throughout the year. Looking for inspiration? Look no further! 

Tips on Introducing New Foods to Your Program 

With our Tips on Introducing New Foods to Your Program, you can learn more about how to successfully diversify your breakfast menu. The information in this document is designed to help schools work new foods into their programs and into children’s daily diets.