Adapting Programs To Continue Bringing A Healthy Breakfast To Kids!

2 mins read
child sitting at desk with an apple


We are proud to lend our support and expertise to schools as they adapt their breakfast programs in line with public health protocols. We hope this will enable schools across the country to continue making a healthy morning meal available to students in a nourishing and comforting environment.


Here are a few ideas and recommendations other schools and programs have shared:

  • Allow additional time for planning, preparation, monitoring and cleaning.
  • Focus on food that comes individually packaged or portion it out and wrap it in advance.
  • Various recommendations have been developed for each program delivery model (grab & go, classroom bin or cafeteria/sit-down), all of which comply with applicable protocols and help minimize food handling.
  • Compliance with hygiene and safety measures and health guidelines issued by your provincial government and school administration is essential to the operation of a breakfast program in the context of COVID-19.
  • Handwashing for all is required before and after students eat.
  • All tables and desks used for the program should be disinfected after breakfast using a proper sanitizing solution. Bins, dishes and any reusable utensils should be cleaned daily.
  • Tongs must be used to help safely distribute food to students.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that Breakfast Club of Canada will continue to be there for children, no matter where they are. After all, food insecurity is something that knows no bounds.

Learn more about our Breakfast Program Adapted to COVID-19 Protocols by consulting our Toolkit for schools!