Making Sure Children Are Fed

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Founded 26 years ago, Food for Thought is a small nonprofit in Kelowna, British Columbia, doing big things to eliminate hunger, one child at a time. Prior to the current pandemic, they provided breakfast to 1,600 children in 30 schools in Central Okanagan, to which the Club contributes, in addition to a backpack program that allows children to take home food for the weekends.

Now they have merged these initiatives to create food packages to be distributed in over 30 schools. As schools are spread throughout the neighbourhoods, using this network has the advantage of being easy to get to for parents who may not have access to a convenient means of transportation.

Food for Thought is making sure food packages continue to be delivered to each school, so that parents and students can pick up a package each week. With people lining up by 1 p.m., every donation is claimed within minutes. According to the Assistant Superintendent, there have been lots of positive stories. He has received many emails, and there have been parents in tears, as they did not think the food would continue once schools closed.

We cannot thank Food for Thought and their volunteers enough! Your time is invaluable, and we cannot overstate how much good it is doing for children and families.

Schools Tell Us the Difference Our Help Makes


Across the country, through the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada collaborates with community organizations to ensure children receive the nutrition they need during this crisis. Since schools closed a few weeks ago, the Club rolled up its sleeves to find solutions to reach children. Stay in touch for new stories on our #LocalHeroes!

Your donation can help make a difference – right now.