At the Heart
of our Work

At Breakfast Club of Canada, we are passionate about what we do and building a better world for children in communities across the country. We care about the well-being of the next generation. We know you do too. Welcome to the Club!

What’s in it for you?

Embracing a purpose that resonates with you.

Choosing to join our team means choosing to work with people who truly care. We want you to love your work. This is an integral part of our management philosophy.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours, remote working opportunities, varied vacation options and many other practical ways of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Fulfilling Career

Embark on a career with purpose and satisfaction. Join us in making a meaningful impact and contributing to a company that values your professional growth and personal fulfilment.

Canada‑Wide Team

Collaborate with talented professionals from coast-to-coast, fostering a rich tapestry of skills, experiences and perspectives that contribute to our collective success.

Inclusive Work Environment

We are dedicated to cultivating a culture where everyone feels valued and respected, contributing to a collaborative and supportive professional community.

Benefits and Perks

Beyond a competitive salary, our comprehensive benefits package includes perks designed to enhance your overall well-being.

Opportunity for Advancement

We are committed to recognizing and nurturing talent within our organization, providing a clear path for you to climb the career ladder.

RRSP & DPSP Programs

Secure your financial future with our RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) and DPSP (Deferred Profit Sharing Plan) programs. Take advantage of investment options and savings strategies that align with your long-term financial goals.

Group Insurance

The Club prioritizes your health and well-being by offering comprehensive insurance plans, ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected in various aspects of life.

Inclusive Culture

At Breakfast Club of Canada, our objective is to foster an inclusive environment where each member of our team feels valued, respected and emboldened to be their genuine self in the workplace. We thrive on respect and empowering each other to show up authentically, so we can all succeed together at work.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity

At Breakfast Club of Canada, we truly value diversity and see it as our strength. Each of our unique perspectives and backgrounds make our team stronger and enriches our collective accomplishments. We’re dedicated to reflecting the vibrant communities we support, ensuring that our environment is welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

Social Life at the Club

An environment that encourages exchanges and creativity.

Joining Breakfast Club of Canada not only means contributing to a meaningful cause, but also immersing yourself in a vibrant social life that spans across the country—filled with exciting events and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference. (Vic – Hermanie)

“Working at the Club provides me with a healthy work–life balance, with plenty of flexibility for my personal and professional development. An additional plus is being able to travel around Canada and meet team members and partners from various backgrounds and walks of life. And how could I not include the benefit of getting to see the impact we have on kids!”

”I have always believed in the role that communications can play in making a difference, but it was when I joined the Club that I was able to actually observe this concrete impact. Coming to work each and every day with purpose to help advance an important mission continues to be the most rewarding experience. ”

”Working at the Club has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I attribute this to both the Club’s initiatives and the talented and innovative team that I have had the privilege to work with. I love that there are always new challenges to face and innovative solutions to develop, which all goes to making an immediate and tangible difference in our communities. ”

Meet our teams

It takes talented people from many fields to support and manage our breakfast programs.


The passionate, hard-working members of the Programs team are dedicated to supporting school meal programs across the country. They are also responsible for documenting, measuring and analyzing our broader impact.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing team is responsible for raising awareness about our purpose, our work and the issues we tackle. Through promotional activities, media relations, events, social media and other channels, they strive to elevate the Club’s visibility from coast to coast to coast.


The generosity of our partners and donors fuels the continuity and growth of our activities. The Philanthropy team works tirelessly to develop and maintain these ties, which are vital to our very existence.

Finance and Accounting

By effectively managing our financial resources in line with our mission, our Finance and Accounting team members do their utmost to make our services available to as many children as possible across Canada.

Human Resources

The members of our Human Resources team are committed to providing a uniquely rewarding employee experience throughout the organization. They help staff every department with qualified, engaged professionals, ensuring that these resources are managed efficiently and equitably.

Government Relations

Our strategic alliances with federal, provincial and municipal governments are an important factor in advancing our mission and fulfilling our vision. The professionals on our Government Relations team are dedicated to teaming up with public sector authorities to nurture children’s health and well-being, promote learning, support local farmers and drive economic development in the communities we serve.

Technology & Operations

The professional of our Technology & Operations team pull out all the stops to make good, healthy food available to breakfast programs across Canada every morning and ensure that the necessary digital infrastructure is in place to help all employees do their work.

Open positions

Communications & Marketing

Our leadership team

Led by an experienced team of caring, committed professionals

Our leadership team’s drive and determination are matched only by their dedication to serving children across the country.