A Great Way to Make a Difference!

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Lemonade stand


The desire to give back can start at any age, as 7-year-old Béatrice can tell you. Hers is a story of humble beginnings that lead to big achievements!


How it All Started 

In 2021, Béatrice and her friends Annabella and Zoé decided to sell lemonade to raise money for Breakfast Club of Canada and give other kids an equal chance to succeed. The idea then grew and grew, with six school friends, siblings and children from the neighbourhood joining in on the fun. With the help of their parents, the small group of young entrepreneurs pulled the whole thing off admirably, bringing in the tidy sum of 5.

Stand de limonade

The beautiful lemonade stand created specially for the occasion!


A New Year, a New Goal! 

This summer, the group decided to repeat the experience, only with a loftier goal in mind. 

Even more of their friends, brothers and sisters decided to pitch in as well, as did their parents, who built a lemonade stand, spread the word on social media and put up signs in the neighbourhood.


A Perfect Day 

The sale ended up happening on a warm, sunny afternoon in mid-July, in a specially made wooden lemonade stand. Béatrice and her teammates, Mathias, Florence, Abygaëlle, Massoma, Zoé, Annabella, Lee-Anne, Anaëlle and Édouard, went all out, making and hanging decorations, putting up BCC-themed balloons and greeting thirsty customers.  

Lots of people stopped by, intrigued by what was going on and happy to make a donation in exchange for a refreshing glass of lemonade. The great weather meant that the stand could stay open until 7 p.m.

Jeune fille devant le kiosque

Béatrice, 7 years old, ready to sale lemonade!

Proud parents 

This year’s efforts definitely paid off, raising ,282 to help Breakfast Club of Canada feed children throughout the year. 

The parents who helped out were very proud and touched to see their children lend a hand to such a worthy cause. Maxime and Mélissa, Béatrice and Mathias’s parents, told BCC that they were already talking about doing it again next year — bigger and better than ever! 

Les jeunes et leur kisoque

From left to right: Annabella, Anaëlle, Lee-Anne, Béatrice, Florence, Isaac, Abygaëlle, Édouard, Massoma, Zoé and Mathias.


Everyone here at Breakfast Club of Canada would like to thank and congratulate Annabella, Anaëlle, Lee-Anne, Béatrice, Florence, Isaac, Abygaëlle, Édouard, Massoma, Zoé, and Mathias, as well as all those who supported them, for doing such a wonderful job again this year. It is inspiring to see children take the lead on initiatives like this that let them make a real difference in the lives of other children their age.  

See you again next year, we hope!