Build a Collaborative Culture That Includes Recognition

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volunteer and student hug

Welcome back, students! Welcome back, teachers! AND let’s not forget the support staff, volunteers and all those who make your school’s breakfast program possible! Collaboration is often the key to a successful program and we are grateful to see so many hard-working individuals on the ground at every school serving up breakfast. Remember, YOU are Breakfast Champions!


In the spring, we were thrilled to see so many schools take part in the Club’s Breakfast in Unison event. Your participation created a wave of recognition for all our Breakfast Champions from coast to coast to coast. In June, Jocelyn Dudley, one of our program coordinators, was lucky enough to attend a virtual Breakfast in Unison with Riverside Public School in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The event highlighted the contributions of six staff members who graciously prepare and serve breakfast daily. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to two community partners, Save-On-Foods Prince Albert and the Prince Albert Food Bank. During the event, we heard from students and teachers about the importance of the daily breakfast program.

Here are some quotes that were shared.  

From students: 

It helped us taste different things we haven’t had before.” 

“It got rid of the rumble in my tummy.”

“It helped me wake up a little bit more.”

“It made me not talk loud and concentrate on my work and be good.”

“When you eat food, it makes you big and strong.”


From teachers: 

“A lot of my students rely on this food program. Breakfast first thing in the morning creates happy students with full tummies and full hearts ready to learn. There would be more setbacks in behaviour if students were hungry.” 

“I can say that when my students are not hungry, they are more willing to participate in class activities! They almost all come to school without breakfast. They are hungrier and they often ask for that second snack in the afternoon. I appreciate the food very much!” 

“Parents often comment that they appreciate the provided breakfast and snacks for students, especially with the rising cost of groceries. For many of the children, they either do not have enough in their lunch kit to fill them up or the food they do have provides limited nutritional value.” 


A daily school breakfast makes a difference in the lives of these students, teachers and families, and it takes collaboration to make it happen! We encourage you to integrate recognition into your day-to-day and annual calendars. It is never too early to start planning to celebrate your school’s Breakfast Champions! Keep an eye out in upcoming newsletter articles to learn more about creating a culture of recognition in your program.