An Innovative Way to Promote Nutrition

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In the past year, Kikino Elementary School in Alberta has let Breakfast Club of Canada know about some impactful steps they have taken to incorporate nutrition education into their daily routine. Their goal has been to normalize discussions around food in a way that respects culture and tradition. 

Devanture école Kikino

Informing the whole student community about nutrition starts first thing in the morning when the school includes a daily nutrition tip in their morning announcements. This means that all students are learning valuable information about the food they eat in a fun and casual way. And they are actually remembering what they hear! Principal Laurie Thompson reports that she often gets comments like, “I really like egg day. Eggs have 7 grams of protein and are a good brain food to start the morning!” As an added bonus, they are now more inclined to drink water and are more engaged in reading and understanding food labels. 

In addition to this initiative, the school highlights and celebrates those who bring in nutritious food for snacks. There is also a trade-in fridge where students can exchange a highly processed or sugary item for one that better supports a full day of learning.  

Kikino Elementary School has been able to introduce conversations around food in a positive manner that makes food part of the whole school community. The nutrition tip complements their daily breakfast program, and they’re thrilled with how these changes have impacted their students’ eating habits.  


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