The Success Story of Le Tandem School and Fruits et légumes Bono Inc.

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Every week, at Le Tandem School in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, a delivery truck pulls in, with thousands of pieces of fresh ‘’Fruits et légumes Bono’’ produce on board. Through this partnership, students have access to a wider variety of fruit every morning.  


In October 2021, it occurred to one of the teachers at Le Tandem that the produce that went unsold at Fruits et légumes Bono (where her husband worked) could be repurposed and redistributed to the children at her school. The idea went over well with both the school’s principal, Sylvain Jetté, and the president of the Montreal-based company, Giuseppe Lavorato. Ever since, fresh fruit has been a morning staple for the more than 380 students at Le Tandem, 70 of whom are enrolled in the breakfast program. Given that the products provided through BCC are limited to what is available from suppliers and subject to transportation constraints, a partner like this is vital to adding extra variety to children’s diets. What’s more, the fruit is provided free of charge, courtesy of Bono. The only cost covered by the school is the delivery charge.  

It just goes to show that one teacher with one simple idea can have a tremendous impact on an entire school population. Thank you to all those who have been involved in making this amazing initiative come to life!  

Perhaps you, too, should consider approaching some of the food businesses in your area to see if a similar arrangement can be made. Who knows what would come of it!