Breaking Bread, Building Bonds: How Wadena Composite School’s Breakfast Program Nourishes Students and Community Spirit

2 mins read
École Wadena


Wadena Composite School (WCS) is a Grade 7–12 school of 150 students and 17 staff in the community of Wadena, Saskatchewan (population 1,400). For the past three years, Wadena Composite has greatly benefited from Breakfast Club of Canada funding. Aside from addressing nutritional breakfast needs for students, the program has brought a very positive connection between the staff and students, and the school and community. 


Each and every morning, one or two staff members hand out the daily breakfast starting 40 minutes before first class. Students often grab and go before heading to the gym or spending time in the commons area hanging out with staff and classmates. The atmosphere created is one of smiles, “good mornings” and positive attitudes. Every staff member is involved in the breakfast program, taking turns throughout each month. They order food, plan monthly menus and even cook. With the fact that no wages are needed for this service, all of the funds can be used for food. 


The community itself has three family-run businesses offering breakfast items and one grocery store, all of which help the school with the breakfast program. With all of this, the breakfast program has 100% involvement by staff and community businesses, which translates to a positive connection within the community towards the school. Add in the fact that 100% of the students are offered nutritional food choices on a daily basis and you can see how WCS and Breakfast Club of Canada have created a great program for everyone in this small town in Saskatchewan. 



Written by: Darin Faubert, Principal, Wadena Composite School