Your program in 5 Questions — Maverick School, Swift Current, SK

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Maverick School joined Breakfast Club of Canada in December 2021. See what their principal, Jayne Nicholson, has to say about their daily breakfast program.


 What is the one thing people need to know about your breakfast program?

The most important thing you need to know about our breakfast program is that students are truly appreciative of the opportunity to enjoy breakfast when they arrive at school! They LOVE smoothies!

Student drinking smoothie

What are you most proud of in your breakfast program?

I’m most proud of how the program has been streamlined. Students order their breakfast through a Google Chat with our breakfast program coordinator, and food is delivered right to students’ work area. This began because of COVID, but I think we will keep it in place as it is time-efficient and there is no food waste! I’m also proud and grateful that the additional funds have allowed us to ensure food security over school breaks in the form of food hampers containing non-perishable breakfast items.


Is there a student/school staff/community member who has gone above and beyond in your breakfast program?

I’d like to give a shout-out to Alisa Meyer, our coordinator. Lis is kind, caring and efficient! She knows that students value her work, and she is always eager to try new breakfast items to expand our menu and provide variety. On Fridays, she creates a breakfast casserole, pancakes or French toast as a special treat. She is mindful of the budget and keeps our kitchen shiny clean. Our breakfast program is in capable and caring hands. Thank you, Lis!

Student eating toast

Special breakfasts: What do students look forward to?

SMOOTHIES! Wow, do they love smoothies! Our smoothies contain a variety of fruits, greens and Greek yogurt to make sure that hit of protein is part of their morning meal. They also love breakfast wraps.


Have students asked for specific foods? What are they? Any interesting, unique requests?

We have not had requests for specific foods. Everyday breakfast items include fruit and yogurt, whole wheat toast, oatmeal, low-sugar cereals and, of course, smoothies!