Federal Government to Invest in the Creation of National School Food Program

Statement from Daniel Germain, Founder of Breakfast Club of Canada Following the 2019th Budget Announcement

“Today, we applaud the government’s historic decision to provide children from around the country with access to a healthy breakfast before they start their day. The creation of a National School Food Program is a demonstration of true leadership in building a stronger, healthier and more equitable Canada, and is also a testament to the hard work that thousands of volunteers have put into running programs nationwide. We all know that when children succeed, society succeeds. Our team at Breakfast Club of Canada is overjoyed and incredibly proud of this initiative. We have been advocating tirelessly for a national program and are eager to see this project finally come to life. Rest assured that it is with a humble heart and with great determination that we are ready to start working in collaboration with the government and the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the Food Policy, to ensure that every child gets what they deserve, a healthy breakfast and the opportunity to thrive.”
– Daniel Germain, Founding President of Breakfast Club of Canada

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