Charitable Bequests

A Great Alternative

A bequest can take several forms:

  1. Legacy by particular title: A set amount of money or a specific item or asset.
  2. Residuary legacy: All or a percentage of the remainder of an estate after the payment of debts and specific requests.
  3. Universal legacy: All movable and immovable property, sometimes divided up among several heirs or legatees.

Benefits for the Donor

  • The satisfaction of giving back to an important cause, while retaining ownership of your assets during your lifetime.
  • A charitable tax receipt that may considerably reduce the amount of tax payable at death.
  • No fees during your lifetime, apart from the cost of drawing up a will.

To thank you for your donation, we need to be informed of your intentions and be sent certain documents. We would like to make sure that your generosity is suitably acknowledged during your lifetime.




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