Finance and Governance

As a registered charity, we take our promise to children seriously. The Imagine Canada certification that we have achieved attests to our commitment to ensuring that the funds we raise are wisely invested to benefit children. Through responsible financial management, we can ensure the sustainability of the services we provide daily to thousands of children who rely on the Club every day.


Where does our funding come from?

We believe that everyone should play a role in shaping children’s futures, which is why our funding comes from diverse sources.

Sources Pourcentage
Government grants 36%
Corporate and foundation donations 24%
Fundraising campaigns and activities 16%
Donated goods and services 14%
Individual and unsolicited donations 6%
Contributions from Indigenous communities and other revenue 4%
The figures above come from our 2022-2023 audited financial statements.

Where do donations go?

We make sure every dollar is spent where it will help children most.

82 %

Investment in breakfast programs (food, transportation and equipment costs) and future support for schools (1) (2)

18 %

Fundraising, education, awareness and administration

(1) At the end of every fiscal year, an amount is set aside to ensure that we are able to start the next school year comfortably and meet the future needs of children.

(2) Excluding non-recurring federal government grants from the Emergency Food Security Fund.

Distribution of Funds

Our experience has allowed us to refine the way we distribute resources.
This makes our process simpler and more cost-efficient for volunteers and schools.

Activity Reports

To learn more about our annual operations and key highlights, please consult our latest Activity Report.