Become One of Our Corporate Donors

Invest in Children’s Futures

Businesses and organizations committed to supporting the well-being of children can help achieve Breakfast Club of Canada’s mission in a variety of ways.

Ways to get involved

Make a meaningful difference with your business by discovering corporate donation opportunities with Breakfast Club of Canada. From direct contributions to employee-led fundraising efforts, there are numerous avenues for your company to effect positive change. Partnering with us not only helps support children’s well-being but also cultivates a culture of social responsibility within your organization.

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Corporate donations

Businesses can show their support for Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC) through a one-time or recurring donation. Your company would not only help give children an equal chance to learn, but you would also be able to take advantage of the subsequent tax benefits.

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In-kind Gifts

Donated goods and services (food products, supplies or volunteers) help BCC keep expenses low and, in turn, give back as much as possible to children.

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Event sponsorship and participation

Many corporate donors decide to support BCC through sporting challenges that make their contribution even more meaningful and foster a common sense of purpose among their employees.

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Cause-related marketing

Companies can enter into an agreement with BCC to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of certain items during a specified period.

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Fundraising campaigns

BCC can help businesses with fundraising logistics. From online initiatives via an online fundraising platform to in-store promotions, BCC offers many ways for your company to make a meaningful contribution.

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Payroll deductions employee giving

This option allows employees to deduct an amount from their paychecks, giving them a budget-friendly way to donate and receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the year. All their employers have to do is transfer the corresponding amounts to BCC.

Our Corporate Donors

Making a Difference

Our partners are vital to our ability to make a difference. Many thanks to all the businesses, foundations and organizations who have helped kids by supporting Breakfast Club of Canada throughout 2022 and 2023.


Breakfast Club of Canada has been able to count on Costco as a valuable partner since 2008. Education and health, especially when it comes to children, are fundamental values for the company. The commitment of Costco’s employees at each location allows them to offer a large number of breakfasts to children across Canada.


Danone Canada has been dedicated to helping children since 1996, when it first partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada. In 2021, the company surpassed 25 million individual product unit donations in support of Breakfast Club of Canada’s quest, ensuring that children from coast to coast to coast begin their day with a nutritious breakfast.


Pembina has partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada since 2016 to ensure students across their operating areas have reliable access to a nutritious breakfast in a safe and supportive environment, to positively impact health and learning. Through Pembina’s Community Investment Program, they support organizations like the Breakfast Club of Canada to create safe, inclusive, and connected communities that are inclusive places where all members have equitable access to opportunities, services and spaces that foster a strong sense of belonging.


Walmart Canada is a long-time supporter of the Club’s efforts to help give all children an equal chance at success. The generosity of Walmart Canada, its customers and its associates have a significant impact on school nutrition programs across Canada, including in remote communities. Since joining forces with Breakfast Club of Canada in 2003, Walmart Canada has donated and raised more than $67 million.


Since 2003, The Grocery Foundation has leveraged the support of Grocery retailers and their vendors to raise funds and awareness for Breakfast Club of Canada’s school nutrition programs across Western and Atlantic Canada. Through the annual “Toonies for Tummies” campaign, this network of caring organizations has raised millions of dollars to help ensure students across Canada have access to a nutritious morning meal every day.

Why They Chose Us

Our dedicated team ensures that your contributions directly impact the well-being of children nationwide. Partnering with us not only demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility but also provides corporations with a comprehensive visibility plan, showcasing their philanthropic efforts in a meaningful way.


Breakfast Club of Canada works daily to implement the vision of a school breakfast program that is open to all students, and available every school day.

Visibility plan

The Club’s visibility plan has brought much-needed attention to the cause, rallying more supporters to help feed children.


Breakfast Club of Canada’s knowledge in addressing child hunger has played a major part in providing solutions to this complex issue for 30 years.


Breakfast Club of Canada brings together the entire community, from families to businesses, to contribute their time or resources.