More To Travel: Giving wings to the future generation 

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Committed to helping young people, the Air Canada Foundation has partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada for over 10 years. Its significant support enables children in the ten provinces, three territories and Indigenous communities to access nutritious food. In June 2023, the Air Canada team visited the MartinBélanger Elementary School in Quebec. Their visit brought magic and inspiration! 


A Nutritious Breakfast as Wings of Protection 

Since 2012, the Air Canada Foundation has supported the Club’s mission to nurture children’s potential, one breakfast at a time. This aligns with their values of generosity and dedication to communities, aiming to improve children’s health and well-being. In recent years, the Foundation has helped set up school nutrition programs in Alberta, Manitoba and Nunavut. This collaboration ensures food security for children from all backgrounds.  

Once again, Air Canada employees served breakfast to students with smiles. Over thirty children enjoyed fruit, yogurt and hot bagels to start their day. 


Photo credit : Air Canada Foundation


In addition to offering a variety of healthy foods, the breakfast programs are also a safe, caring space, contributing to children’s development and growth. Special guests were also on hand to chat with the students during their morning meal. The students were impressed by the employees’ uniforms and amused by Air Canada’s famous inflatable airplane, Lumpy Bumpy! 


Photo credit : Air Canada Foundation


Testimonials for a Successful Take-off   

Later in the morning, another group of Air Canada volunteers came to meet students at MartinBélanger School. The 5th and 6th-grade classes attended a short presentation on aircraft pilots, flight attendants and station attendant professions. The students displayed curiosity and enthusiasm, engaging in a flurry of questions. It’s a safe bet that these exchanges inspired children to travel, explore cultures and become aviation adventurers. 

Every year, the Air Canada Foundation contributes to children’s well-being through volunteer work and commitment. Their support is invaluable and provides the energy to learn to thousands of students nationwide.  On behalf of the children and Breakfast Club of Canada, thank you for your loyalty.  

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