Our success is the result of the combined efforts of a Canada-wide network of organizations dedicated to setting up and running breakfast programs in participating schools. Our strength lies in our commitment to working closely with each program to ensure the optimal use of available resources to reach out to as many children as possible.


Serving Children Coast-to-Coast

Our network of partners care – and care deeply – about children’s health, wellness and academic success. We have brought all the key players – schools, governments, agencies, businesses and community representatives – to the table to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of more than 1 million young Canadians who are at risk of starting their day on an empty stomach.


Responsive to Local Needs

We know there is no catch-all solution that works for every breakfast program. Every school is different, with different criteria and different resources. To be responsive to their realities, we have developed a number of models that let us tailor our approach to different contexts.


Enhance the school teams’ ability to implement and administer quality breakfast programs. Manage most financial and food partnerships and distribution channels. Provide local training and support.


Contribute financially to breakfast programs to ensure they have the food, supplies and management tools required to meet high nutritional standards and achieve significant rates of participation in universal programs.

Impact Accelerator

Facilitate interaction with various stakeholders to improve access to nutritious food, develop effective food sourcing solutions and promote student culinary entrepreneurship initiatives. Partnerships may involve elements such as funding, food supply or transport, or even sharing human resources.


Offer complementary funding for existing school nutrition programs. Provide support through national fundraising campaigns and corporate volunteering programs.


Indigenous Communities at The Heart of Our Efforts

We have made the specific needs of Indigenous communities a priority from the beginning. Unfortunately, one out of every two children living in these communities is at risk of starting the day without breakfast. They often live in remote areas where it can be challenging to procure fresh, nutritious food. The unique expertise we have developed over the years helps us find ways to promote healthier eating habits among the younger generations and keep precious culinary traditions alive.


In a Community Near You

We support hundreds of breakfast programs, which are doing amazing things right across Canada. Discover where we are changing lives in your area.

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