Nutrition Month 2024 Breakfast Club of Canada: Committed to feeding young bodies and minds in schools and communities across the country

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Boucherville, Quebec, March 1, 2024 — As Nutrition Month gets underway, Breakfast Club of Canada would like to stress the importance of providing access to complete, nutritionally balanced food at school. Throughout the month, BCC will be sharing the keys to the success of the menus featured in breakfast programs and the educational support given to the school teams that run them.

Breakfast programs: Lessons in healthy eating

Given the current state of the economy, families are relying more and more on school communities for support in teaching their children about nutrition. Breakfast programs are an opportunity to introduce students to new foods and encourage them to recognize their own hunger and fullness cues. By giving them the tools to control what goes into their bodies, we are empowering them to become their best selves. Having a breakfast program in a school community is a great way to get more vegetables and fruits into children’s diets, and help them discover locally produced foods.

Nutrition guidelines: Information and inspiration

Breakfast Club of Canada is proud to have a Nutrition Committee, the members of which have developed a complete set of nutrition guidelines to guide breakfast programs in providing wholesome, nourishing morning meals. During Nutrition Month, the Club hopes to share its expertise with as many people as possible and raise awareness about why eating healthy is so essential for growing children.

BCC’s nutrition guidelines here.

BCC recipes here.


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