Every day, Breakfast Club of Canada depends on 17,500 volunteers who wake up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare and serve breakfast in schools across the country. Without these remarkable individuals, the Club would simply not exist.


Volunteering Stories

Our volunteers are happy to tell you about their experience with the Club!


Mathieu D’Astous

Technology Consultant, Corporate Volunteer

“My favourite moment at the Club is definitely when the first kids of the day walk into the cafeteria and service begins. It’s at that moment I realize that waking up early to see how happy these kids are to receive breakfast is totally worth it.”


Ouerda Sadou

Stay-at-Home Mom and School Monitor

“All it takes is one morning as a volunteer at the Club. You will leave with a smile on your face, feeling fulfilled and proud for having accomplished such a good deed.”


Ariane Boyer

Law Student

“Children have a gift: being able to see beautiful things within us that no one else notices, and they have the courage to point them out to us. It’s very humbling. Kids have less preconceptions and they let us feel without judgment. There are mornings where they literally comfort me.”



Young Volunteer

“I started volunteering in Grade 5 because I liked seeing kids eat breakfast before school. I knew which kids didn’t eat breakfast, because they complained about how hungry they were all day. I knew that if I was a volunteer there, more of my friends would come eat breakfast at the club!”



Kindergarten Student

“I love helping to give my friends breakfast. It’s my favourite part of my day at school!”


Types of Volunteer Programs

There are two primary ways volunteers can get involved at the Club, including:

*Please note that each school manages its own volunteering program


As part of a team, assists with breakfast preparation and service as well as cleanup.

Corporate Volunteering Program

Breakfast Club of Canada offers a corporate volunteering program in select areas. Find out how your employees can benefit from team building through volunteering at the Club.


Other Ways to Get Involved

Your support is crucial, however you can provide it.

Group 1660@2x

Create a fundraiser for Breakfast Club of Canada and spread the word.

Group 1661@2x

Join our 17,500 dedicated volunteers by helping out at a school near you.

Group 1662@2x

Make a difference in the lives of children by joining our team.

Group 1663@2x

You have seen the positive effects of breakfast firsthand?

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