Join a dedicated group of partners who understand that strategically partnering up with a registered charity can positively impact multiple aspects of their business.


Making a Difference

Our partners are vital to our ability to make a difference. Many thanks to al thel businesses, foundations and organizations who helped our kids by supporting Breakfast Club of Canada in fiscal 2018-2019.


Reasons to Get Involved

Choosing a cause to embrace is something that should be done from the heart. But it is also an important business decision. Philanthropy is a definite added value for an organization’s profile and positioning.

Corporate Social

Give back to the community and share your core values


Boost your engagement and enhance your branding

Employee Attraction
and Retention

Differentiate your employer brand in a competitive labour market


Give and get back


Why Choose Us

When you choose Breakfast Club of Canada, you’ll be making an upstream investment in children’s future and enabling them to develop their full potential. You’ll be funding the possibilities ahead and strengthening our future citizenship. And because we are known as student nutrition leaders in Canada, you’ll be joining forces with an organization you know you can trust.


25 years of operations and a strong network based on long-term relationships.

National and Community Focus

Support for breakfast programs in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Sound Governance

A disciplined approach to spending and controlling overhead costs.


A Canadian leader in school nutrition programs, recognized worldwide.


Ways to Get Involved

We offer marketing collateral to help you showcase your engagement and embody the cause, a recognition plan to ensure that your actions are publicly acknowledged, and tailored partnerships that are aligned with your business strategy and needs.

  • In-Kind Gifts
  • Food donations
  • Event Sponsorship and participation
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Payroll deductions
  • Philanthropic gifts
  • Corporate volunteering

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