At Breakfast Club of Canada, we are committed to nourishing children’s potential from one end of the country to the other. Your network and your resources are vital to getting the word out about the work we do and to raising our public profile.


Benefits of Partnerships

Awareness is key. Our mission can be fulfilled only if Canadians are educated about the problem of hunger in their own country and only if they know we are tackling it, every day. Helping us raise awareness about our cause is central to our success. There are benefits for your organization as well as ours.

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Increased funding

Exposure enables us to raise more money and, in turn, help more children.

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Corporate social responsibility

Offering us visibility also raises your CSR profile.

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Sponsorship benefits

Media partners get sponsorship contracts, showcasing your generosity through BCC’s channels and events.


Our Media Partners

Our media partners are important to the success of our initiatives. Thank you to our generous 2018-2019 media partner!



Hungry to Know More?

Email us at and we will get back to you shortly with more information about our partnership opportunities.

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