Mealshare celebrates 500,000 meals donated to the Club.

There is an old African proverb that says Alone, you go faster, but together we go farther.” This adage perfectly explains how two national non-profits like Mealshare and Breakfast Club of Canada combine forces to increase our impact. 

Our partnership makes perfect sense because our missions are so well aligned. The Club aims to give children an equal chance to learn by providing healthy meals in a nurturing environment. Mealshare makes it easy for restaurant patrons to turn their dining experience into a giving opportunity. Both organizations use our vast national networks to rally communities around the issues of nutrition and food access  


The Club is very lucky to count on strong partnerships with like-minded organizations like Mealshare.  

8 years of partnership and counting 

Created in 2013, Mealshare is now present in 76 communities across the country. Mealshare found a creative way to partner with restaurants across Canada by designating select dishes on their menu as a Mealshare item. Restaurants then contribute $1.00 from each Mealshare item sold to charities like the Club, helping provide healthy meals to Canadians in need.  

Mealshare has been a strong and steady partner of the Club since 2015 and just reached the incredible milestone of donating 500,000 meals to the Club’s breakfast school programs. 

Fun fact: Mealshare began with only four restaurant partners at the beginning of this adventure, 10 years ago.  Today, the non-profit organization can count on the support of more than 250 restaurants across Canada. In 2021, they even surpassed five million meals provided to youth in need!  

A solution-focused approach 

Mealshare partners with charities that are well-known in their communities, inclusive, and focused on nurturing youth in need. Wherever possible, they take a solutions-focused approach to providing holistic support for kids and youth. “Our Co-Founders are cousins and best friends who grew up together in Calgary, Alberta. They founded Mealshare with the dream to be able to sit in their rocking chairs one day and explain to their grandkids that there used to be hungry children in our world… but not anymore.” explains Stacey Olsen, Community Leader Coach.  

Partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada was an easy choice for Mealshare; they know how important a healthy breakfast is for children’s overall health and engagement at school. Steven Letts, Advisor, Corporate & Community Giving highlights the great collaboration “Mealshare is a vital organization that has been a steadfast supporter of Breakfast Club of Canada since 2015. We are so grateful for this partnership and look forward to many years of continued collaboration!”  

 By providing meals in a school setting, children also have access to a built-in community of teachers, friends, administrators, and guidance counsellors to help make sure their full needs are being met. Olsen adds: “ensuring children start the day with a nutritious breakfast has so many lasting benefits and we are proud to partner with Breakfast Club of Canada to help make that happen.” 

Thank you, Mealshare for your support!