Supporting Our Schools, Shaping Our Planet’s Future


As we celebrate Earth Day, Breakfast Club of Canada highlights the global movement to raise awareness about preserving the planet. As we work to foster students’ well-being and empower them to achieve their potential, we are proud to support school breakfast programs with equipment and resources to make their programs more environmentally sustainable and commend all our partners who share these green aspirations. 

Read on to learn more about some of the innovative, eco-friendly initiatives that schools in Breakfast Club of Canada’s network are making happen.  


Protecting Mother Earth  

Cando Community School, Cando, Saskatchewan 

Protecting nature is valued by everyone at Cando Community School, which serves the Cando area and the Mosquito and Red Pheasant First Nations. In the fall of 2022, the administration at Cando Community School requested support from the Club to purchase a set of insulated containers that can be used to prepare and serve a wider variety of hot and cold breakfast items. This approach has made the breakfast program more environmentally sustainable and helps save on food transportation and storage costs and time.  

Reducing waste in our school is very important so we can do our part and take care of Mother Earth. Polystyrene, plastic and aluminium foil don’t break down easily in the environment. By not using them, we are generating a lot less waste.”  – Sarah L’Hoir, Principal, Cando Community School  

Waste not, want not 

Charles-Bruneau School, Montreal, Quebec 

In 2020, the administration of Charles-Bruneau School set up a green committee to raise students’ awareness of their environmental footprint and encourage behaviours that reduce food waste. As a result of the committee’s efforts, breakfast is now served in reusable sealed containers, cereal is bought in bulk and students wash their own dishes.  

Congratulations to all students, staff and breakfast program volunteers for your inspiring ideas making a world of difference. Keep up the great work!