30,000 Still Good Cookies for Breakfast Club of Canada

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Partnership between Still Good, 3Brasseurs and BCC


From now until August 31, the people at Still Good will be teaming up with 3 Brasseurs for a campaign to raise funds to provide 30,000 upcycled cookies to Breakfast Club of Canada.  


Nutrient-packed cookies for an energy-packed start to the day 

 “Making upcycled cookies for Breakfast Club of Canada is something that aligns perfectly with our mission. This is the kind of partnership that inspires us to go the extra mile, year after year,” said Still Good co-founder and CEO Jonathan Rodrigue.  

Still Good started donating upcycled cookies to BCC breakfast programs in March 2022. The collaboration was forged out of a mutual commitment to making healthy, great-tasting and planet-friendly food available to students.  


Still Good and 3 Brasseurs: A dream team! 

Still Good has embraced a zero-waste model that aims to reduce food waste by repurposing local companies’ by-products into new and tasty food items.  

Still Good and the 3 Brasseurs chain of restaurants are working together this summer to raise funds for Breakfast Club of Canada. This isn’t the first time they’ve joined forces: Still Good rescues the spent grain from the beer brewed by 3 Brasseurs on a regular basis and turns it into a special kind of flour, which is then used by the restaurants’ teams to create several of the dishes on their menu.  


Cooking with spent grain flour 

Spent grain flour is a prebiotic that contains whole plant proteins, fibres and essential minerals. It is a delicious, nutritious and versatile plant-based alternative that can replace up to 30% of wheat flour.  


Making a difference 

Every dish made from spent grain flour sold in one of the eleven 3 Brasseurs restaurants in Quebec between now and August 31 will help fill the Breakfast Club of Canada cookie jar! For each order, Still Good will add another cookie to the total number of upcycled cookies donated to BCC.  

The goal is to provide 30,000 cookies to the Club by the end of the campaign.  



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