A virtual exhibition from the Small and Tall Artists Club, in collaboration with Gallea: Now online for you to enjoy!

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Small and Tall artist Club

Gallea, the largest visual arts gallery of independent artists in Canada, has teamed up with Breakfast Club of Canada for the first time for a creative endeavour aimed at raising funds and shining the spotlight on professional and budding artists alike, as part of a virtual exhibition launched October 18.  


Gallea aims to create the largest art distribution network in the world and make local art accessible everywhere to everyone. This dedication to accessibility of opportunities resonates deeply with BCC. “We share several core values with Gallea. And working together has also opened up a whole new avenue for raising funds,” explained Catherine Tremblay, Advisor, Foundations and Corporate Partnerships.  


A winning collaboration between Breakfast Club of Canada and Gallea 

The whole thing started with a drawing contest, where children were asked to send in their artwork via Facebook. A total of 20 submissions were picked to inspire Canadian artists to create the selections that are now on virtual display through the Small and Tall Artists Club on the Gallea website. Half of the proceeds from the sale of these works will go to Breakfast Club of Canada.  


Linzi Shang, Gallea’s co-founder, is actually a former breakfast program participant herself. She has lots of great memories of the Club. “The volunteers were so nice. They smiled and took the time to talk to me. I felt seen. I felt like I mattered. It’s the kind of experience that made me feel like I really belonged here in my adopted home of Quebec,” she explained. She is particularly happy to now be giving back to BCC through this wonderful initiative.  


You can learn more about Linzi’s story here. 


Artists inspiring artists across generations 

Over 40 artists from around the country answered the call to contribute to this initiative and, as a result, get more children’s day off to a healthy start. They were given carte blanche to come up with something inspired by one of the selected children’s drawings, representing one of three themes: friendship, sharing or learning. In addition to lending their artistic talents to the exhibition, the participating artists have helped raise BCC’s public visibility and generated additional buzz for the initiative through social media.   


Proud parents  

The parents of our aspiring artists were proud and excited to see their children’s artistic output take on a whole new form and, in so doing, help give back to other children. “It’s amazing how it all turned out! My kids loved being part of the experience and having the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause!” explained Joannie, mom to Alice, Cloé and Genève. 


The Small and Tall Artists Club exhibition, presented in collaboration with Breakfast Club of Canada, is currently on display on Gallea’s website. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the works in the exhibition will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada.