An Entire Community for the Well-Being Of Young People

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As we celebrate Hooked on School Days, I would like to say a special word about the dedicated people who play an essential role in children’s academic journey. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Breakfast Club of Canada, I realize that parents, teachers, breakfast program volunteers and donors are doing their utmost to ensure children have the energy they need to learn and engage.  


Keeping children in school starts with building a safe and inclusive community around them. However, with life finally returning to normal for most of us, children still face unprecedented challenges regarding access to healthy food, social development and mental health. After four years at the helm of BCC, I am amazed when I hear what school teams, families and students have to say about the positive impacts of school food programs.  


Beyond helping to provide access to nutritious breakfasts, the Club offers a nurturing environment where students feel like they matter. By coming together with caring and compassion, they can build the confidence they need to continue their education, pursue their interests and explore their passions. And this confidence is something they will, in turn, pass down to future generations.  


I invite you to keep the same drive and determination, to help the adults of tomorrow realize their full potential. Your words of encouragement, commitment and generosity make a real difference in keeping children in school and learning.  


Tommy Kulczyk  


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