Back To School – A Time To Give While Getting Everything On Your List

2 mins read
Bureau En Gros employees standing in front of their store

We are lucky to have lots of partners who contribute in their own way to making the back-to-school period easier for everyone. This time of year is a very demanding one, not only for parents and teachers, but also for our teams here at the Club, who are working hard to make sure that more than 243,000 children across Canada will be starting every school day with a good, healthy meal.

Fortunately, many of our dedicated partners have already raised their hand to let us know they’ll be helping out. For the past 13 years, Bureau en Gros has been a faithful ally, encouraging associates across the province to do their part to make this yearly fundraiser a success. And it only makes sense that they would want to support our breakfast programs: we give children the energy to do well in school and enable volunteers of all ages to acquire valuable leadership skills.

Once again this year, Bureau en Gros is giving their customers the opportunity to show their support for their community while they get ready for back to school by donating to Breakfast Club of Canada. Employees are also encouraged to get in on the action with their own fundraising activities. Whether it’s a barbecue or a staff denim day challenge, their imagination is endless – and so is their dedication to our cause. Over the years, Bureau en Gros has donated in excess of .2 million to Breakfast Club of Canada to support children’s health and education, two aspects critical to helping them thrive.