Michelin Canada Joins BCC to Nurture the Potential of Children

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While a return to a new normal is slowly approaching, the effects of the pandemic are still very present, and some children and their families unfortunately start their day without a healthy breakfast. The generosity of partners and donors is therefore more important than ever.


Today, Breakfast Club of Canada is very honoured to welcome Michelin Canada as a new partner. The Club relies on the support of partners and Canadians everywhere to make sure it can continue to reach a considerable number of children in need, and generous corporate supporters such as Michelin Canada are key to the success of BCC’s work. These organizations make it possible to maximize every effort and ensure their donation has a real impact in the lives of children across the country.


Promoting sustainable communities


Since 1889, Michelin has continued to innovate to facilitate the mobility of people and goods, as well as contribute to the advancement of human progress. Today, the organization is the leader in tire technology, leveraging its expertise to deliver services and solutions that increase travel efficiency and adaptability. These skills are aligned with the work BCC does to be present in every province and territory, be aware of the diverse realities across Canada and understand that every community has specific needs.


Michelin also works to promote sustainable communities. To that end, one of Michelin’s key focus areas is the education of youth, particularly in the areas of science and technology. The company counts 23,000 employees in North America and believes supporting education can positively impact the lives of young people.


Michelin’s engagement


“The education of young people is important to the long-term sustainability of communities, which is an important focus for Michelin,” says Sylvaine Cuniberti, Director of Marketing at Michelin Canada.


One example is Michelin Challenge Education (MCE), which was launched in 2009 and gives Michelin employees the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the improvement of public education through hands-on involvement. MCE partners with public elementary schools across Canada and the U.S. to serve as mentors, tutors and volunteers, and most importantly, make a difference at the earliest stage of the learning process.


A commitment that Marie-Eve Desrochers, Senior Advisor, Corporate Partnerships at Breakfast Club of Canada, is very pleased to highlight. ”Michelin’s willingness to be directly involved in making a difference is amazing. Michelin is eager to give all children an equal opportunity to succeed – starting with the tutoring program and now partnering with the Club to help nurture the potential of children” she explains. This starts with a nutritious first meal helping to create a caring and inclusive school community, to improve learning capacities and foster a sense of engagement and belonging.


“The connection between eating a healthy breakfast and being prepared to learn is well-documented. Through this partnership between Michelin Canada and Breakfast Club of Canada, we hope to inspire future leaders!” concludes Sylvaine Cuniberti.


Welcome to the BCC family, Michelin!