Oatbox: A Breakfast Bar For Breakfast Club Of Canada!

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The people at Oatbox, our partners for the past six years, are committed to providing good nutrition to students across the country. They recently took this idea to the next level by working with BCC to develop the Club Bar to get children’s days off to a healthy start.

Oatbox’s support for BCC goes back to November 2014. After donating 30,000+ breakfasts over the years, the company wanted to do even more for the next generation.

The need for a healthier breakfast bar for children, with less sugar than other products on the market and made in an allergen-free production facility, seemed like the ideal solution. After several months of development and testing on young tastebuds, Oatbox is proud to launch the Club Bar, 25 grams of kid-friendly oat, blueberry and honey goodness.

Close to a million of these bars, created specifically to meet children’s nutritional needs, will be distributed to Quebec schools enrolled with the Club this year. Starting today, Oatbox will donate one bar to Breakfast Club of Canada for every purchase made on their website: oatbox.com.

Thank you, Oatbox, for being there for the children!