Sarah Thanks Us!

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Daughter with a backpack on and father with hand around her

Here is the story of Sarah, who attended a breakfast program as a child and was deeply touched by the experience:

Hi! My name’s Sarah. I’m 20.

I’m writing to you today to say thank you.

I used the Club’s services when I was in kindergarten. My mom earned a good living and we always had plenty to eat at home, but when she got cancer, she had to go to work really early in the morning. So I was always one of the first kids at the daycare when it opened. Someone suggested she enrol me in the breakfast program, since what I ate at home at 5 a.m. was a distant memory by the time classes started at 9 a.m.

You changed my life forever.

The TLC you gave me when I was a little girl had a huge impact on me. You made me feel welcome every day. You asked how my mom was doing. You made sure my mornings were never dreary. I still remember when one of us would have a birthday, we’d get to pick a present out of a wooden basket.

I was devastated when I had to leave the breakfast program! I loved it so much! Even though I’m 20 now, I’m still grateful you took such good care of me.

I send a donation to the Club every year as my personal thank-you. That’s my way of making sure your services are available to another child who needs you as much as I did back then.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the amazing work! Don’t ever stop!


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