Two Lucky Student Volunteers Spend The Day Learning The Restaurant Business

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2 young women making pitas in a kitchen

In December 2019, Restaurants Normandin offered a unique opportunity to two BCC student volunteers as a reward for their involvement in their school breakfast program. This was one of “50 Good Deeds” undertaken by the Quebec chain which, like the Club, is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year.

Secondary 2 students Dorothée and Jasmine were the ones chosen for the experience, not only because of their commitment to Breakfast Club of Canada but also in recognition of their overall community engagement.

Upon their arrival at the Bouvier Street location in Quebec City, Dorothée and Jasmine were given a tour of the bustling kitchen, staffed by over 100 employees, and then invited to create their own pizza. They kneaded the dough and tossed it in the air, with some rather amusing results, picked their toppings from an almost endless selection and cooked it up in the massive pizza oven. They put a painstaking amount of effort into making the final result as close to perfect as they could. The pair were then put on hostessing duty, where they did an exceptional job showing patrons to their table and managing the various logistical considerations that come with the job. Customers were delighted to be part of the experience and had nothing but glowing comments about their performance. Last but certainly not least, Dorothée and Jasmine dug into their pizza while they chatted with members of the Normandin marketing team.

They left with a complimentary pizza pan and two frozen Normandin pizzas. Both said they enjoyed themselves immensely and were happy with everything they learned. They also had the satisfaction of applying some of their newfound knowledge to their breakfast program upon their return to school.

This marks the end of the back-to-school campaign at Normandin that ran throughout the month of September, after which a cheque for over ,000 was presented to the Club. The team is eager to repeat the experience in 2020. Thank you to everyone at Normandin for your wonderful contributions over the past 13 years.